Does Everybody Hate Ted Cruz?

You know, I’m definitely beginning to pick up a trend regarding the freshman Senator from Texas—he just rubs people the wrong way. This sensation of almost visceral recoil has been remarked upon pretty much since he’s taken office. He’s been compared to Sen. Joe McCarthy on the regular (including at the estimable Rumproast if I may point that out), and that’s an unfortunate comparison, since McCarthy has become like a byword in senatorial overreach and lack of decency. (Except it seems as valid a comparison as it is unfortunate.)  He’s been considered a conspiracy theorist (Agenda 21, anyone?) and possibly a bit of a sexist prick (mansplaining, anyone?)  And even Our Mister Brooks has pointed out that his fellow senators roll their eyes regarding him and find him “off-putting”.  And the NYT’s columnist is, whatever his faults as a pundit may be, not exactly the sort of pundit who would slam a freshman Republican Senator for no unwarranted reason.

Really. Except for the things he says and does (like his support for federal assistance for the West, TX disaster after opposition to Superstorm Sandy assistance—consistency?) what could possibly be the unifying factor? It couldn’t merely be his possession of a backpfeifengesicht,  like the result of sneering one too many times, when, as anyone’s mother might have foretold, it could stick that way.  (I will stick with it being mostly about the things he does and says.)

Which is why it doesn’t exactly shock the socks off of me to find that The Washington Post‘s own Jennifer Rubin has found a bone to pick with him over his description of his fellow Republicans as “squishes” over their curious lack of faith regarding a filibuster over background checks. Except, really? Jennifer Rubin? The Mitt Romney Booster Club’s Head Cheerleader? The pundit who once referred to Rand Paul as “formidable” over his Benghazi conspiracy theories (pitched way out of the strike zone of one SOS HRC?).

One pauses, truly, to take it all in. Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment is all to pieces, is it not? Or is Cruz just a law unto himself, unaware that ideological purity aside, a representative democracy is something like a popularity contest, and one really does have to serve somebody other than oneself?

I leave it to the reader to decide.

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Ah, Vixen, “backpfeifengesicht,”—the missing ingredient in the “perfect storm” that is Ted.

Could explain why the man is so chock-full-o hate.  Maybe his own mother was the first to see it . . .

Personally, at this point, I’m thinking the best reaction is to ignore the silly jerk and he’ll hit the wall on his own.

But, I wouldn’t have missed La Rubin’s reprimand for the world.  Wonder if Ted feels well and truly chastened?

I guess the overarching question is if the rethuglican backbiting/infighting will be crazy enough to actually turn off enough voters to get these loons out of office.  Please, let it be true (and let it get crazier!)!

Personally, at this point, I’m thinking the best reaction is to ignore the silly jerk and he’ll hit the wall on his own.

@Vixen—that didn’t come out right.  Sounds like I’m saying “therefore, no one should write about him”—what I meant was, for me, writing/thinking about Ted Cruz, right now, is sick-making.

It’s funny to see Rubin and Brooks get all het up about Cruz. It’s further evidence of the Beltway Insider/Tea Party split.  It’s gratifying to see the GOP engaging in infighting, let’s hope they keep at each other straight through November ‘14.

Does Everybody Hate Ted Cruz?

So, OK, I certainly can’t speak for “everybody” but I hate Ted Cruz.  Pretty much with a passion.  OTOH if he really did run for prez in 2016 it could make a helluva great sideshow.  So I guess it’s a love/hate relationship really.

Most veterans’ groups. Most first responders’ groups. And most conservative voters in red states.

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