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Is NYT columnist Maureen Dowd a real person? As far as I know, she is. But sometimes I suspect the real Ms. Dowd is lounging at a tiki bar in St. Thomas while a dusty old program rearranges the copy, inserts new names and buzzwords and cranks out the same tired old column she originally wrote in 1993.

In the Platonic Ideal of a Dowd column, Democratic men lactate, Democratic women possess testicles and conservatives or nominally Democratic conservative archetypes get to embody their actual genders and be regarded as tough hombres regardless of their activities away from the klieg lights. Actual events the column purports to analyze may occasionally require role switches to make some inane point, but all elements are accounted for in some configuration. Today’s column on the Ron Suskind book that alleges sexism in the White House is no exception:

It’s passing strange that a man who was raised by a strong single mother, who talks affectionately about the influence of the banker grandmother who helped raise him, who married a strong woman, who lives with his mother-in-law and who has two daughters he adores, could ever create an Oval man-cave where some women felt uncomfortable.

Or maybe after all that petting and pecking by women, he just wanted to macho it up at the office, bonding by talking sports, playing sports and watching SportsCenter. This president in particular, though, has to be careful to make sure he includes the feminine perspective, even if it’s from men who have a full complement of it, like Joe Biden and David Axelrod.

Biden and Axelrod are girls. Girly Obama must get his macho on. Only men watch SportsCenter. Given the binary nature of the Dowdian worldview, it’s fairly easy to replace her with a program.

But Suskind is catching some flak for misquoting former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn in the book. Here’s the passage being trumpeted by PUMA lunkheads and wingnuts (who formerly characterized Dunn as a communist):

This place would be in court for a hostile workplace. ... Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”

Here’s what Dunn said, as recorded on tape by Suskind and played back to the WaPo at their request:

“I remember once I told Valerie that, I said if it weren’t for the president, this place would be in court for a hostile workplace,” Dunn is heard telling Suskind. “Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”

A crucial bit of context, no? As for the women in the White House who felt frozen out by some sexist troglodytes on the team, I believe them.  I’ve never worked in any large organization that was 100% sexist troglodyte-free. But at least their suffering gave MoDo’s program a chance to demonstrate its infinite capacity to apply gender stereotypes to any situation.

[H/T: YAFB in the RumperRoom]

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Oh, so the President is the only man in the White House who isn’t promoting misogyny and repressing women and stuff.

That’s a lot different from being the cause and the mastermind, isn’t it?

There is something wrong with that woman. She and her wingnut soulmate Noonan got some serious daddy complex, they inflict on the rest of us from their lofty perches in the mainstream media.

But then there is so much loony tunes out there these days, the babbling of this needy nut cutter is just another day at the office.

I’ve always thought of MoDo like her buddy Tom Friedman. She sometimes says something interesting, but 90% of the time she’s a hack.

I certainly agree with your observation about the Ron Suskind quote. I’m reading his book now, and will say that everything is painted in shades of grey. So, when I get to the part of the Dunn quote I’ll see if the context it’s given is really as black and white as it sounds at first.

Suskind will be at my local bookstore this Saturday, and I plan to go hear him talk.

To be fair, there’s two ways to parse that clause:

1. Obama somehow counteracted the sexism with his presence and/ or was the only non-deist in the bunch.

2. The environment was sexist and only the privilege of the Presidency kept the office out of court.

But given that so many women quoted in the book say Suskind got it wrong, I don’t place much credence in the entire quote.

And MoDo can bite me. Hack.

FYiPhone: that should have been “non-sexist”.

Obama’s non-deism is the central issue in my alternative history where Benjamin Franklin is the first King Of America.

Obama’s non-deism is the central issue in my alternative history where Benjamin Franklin is the first King Of America.

Well, Firesign Theatre called Franklin “the only President of the United States who was never President of the United States,” so their history and yours are in agreement.

I used to like Maureen Dowd, but she seems to have a 50-pound axe to grind on Obama. What’s the deal? Is there some secret history there?

Re your comment, “I’ve never worked in any large organization that was 100% sexist troglodyte-free.” Ditto. That’s part of the reason why I went into business for/by myself. Then again, I have a soft spot for sexist troglodytes and watch SportsCenter.

It’s passing strange that^ so many intelligent, skilled and hardworking people live in poverty and die in anonymity, while useless hacks like Dowd have cushy gigs at respected newspapers and win fame and fortune they do not deserve.


In our medium sized accounting firm the female professionals outnumber the males so if any of them are sexist troglodytes they tend to keep it to themselves.  (Actually we did have one young staffer of the troglodyte persuasion a few years back but we hounded him out pretty quickly. ;-) )

I don’t know what MoDo’s issues are but I usually deal with it by skipping over her columns.

IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE PRESIDENT - very crucial six words, methinks. I have been braying that (‘coz I’m a shrill harpy)over and over.

As for MoDo, aging Mean Girl scrambling to find relevance isn’t pretty.  To me, she’s a lot like many on the far-left who are all tickle-me-emo ‘coz the prez pays no attention to them.  So, they act out in increasingly more obnoxious ways ‘coz negative attention is better than none. 

And the prez continues to ignore them all.  Must really chap their hides.

What is it that Dowd & Noonan have in common? It’s right on the tip of my tongue ... catheter? Cathy? No, but close. Uhmm ...

I’m tickled that one of the Google ads next to this is:

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And yes, somebody needs to buy MoDo a Daddy. Or a freaking clue.

PUMA = Politically Unsophisticated Mewling Assholes

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