Don’t It Make Your Red State Blue?


Four White Gals and a Recently Converted Latina have formed a Republican PAC, in Texas, called Red State Women so that Texas ladies can learn that the Republican Party is about more than good gynecological governance.

So far, it looks like Red State Women is what Brent Budowsky has dubbed a neo-confederate outfit—chartered by a new breed of old-idea Republicans.

Here’s how the RSW themselves, put it:

RSW will play a major role in the 2014 general elections, as well as other key state elections in this and future cycles. The group will highlight the personal stories and experiences of women while also communicating the important role that Republican women play in the success of the Lone Star State.

The group will focus on issues relevant to all Texas women, such as education, healthcare and a strong economy that continues to create our premier job market.

RSW is committed to engaging and empowering Texas women to be politically active in the Republican Party.

Which, of course, is not specifically a Texas issue but rather a Republican Party issue.  After the 2012 presidential election it became obvious to GOP party strategists that the Republican base was dwindling because of it’s non-existent voter outreach effort.  2012 made it obvious that the GOP must either expand its base or die out.  Apparently, given its choice between racial minorities, the LGBT community and women, Republicans decided that attracting white women voters would be the least painful way to boost party numbers.

Let the courting commence.  And what better test lab than Texas with its high-profile Democratic female gubernatorial candidates, Wendy Davis and Leticia Van De Putte, it’s Annie’s List of wealthy Democratic-leaning women donors and a demographically-induced Democratic resurgence that threatens to turn Texas purple, if not royal blue.

Like many in the GOP, the women of Red State Women recognize that women find socially conservative extremism a turn-off and are attempting to steer away from issues like abortion, rape and contraception and toward other woman-centric issues like education, healthcare and the economy.

So it is that, armed with a brand new PAC and a broader perspective, the RSW’s Executive Director, Cari Christman found herself explaining to a television interviewer that Texas women are not fans of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act because they’re just too dang busy to think about it.  I believe the woman uses the word “busy” 5 or 6 times in the space of a minute.

Ouch!  Now, I recognize that Cari Christman is young, doing a brand new job and I don’t think she’s dumb just, perhaps, well indoctrinated, shall we say.  The Busy Woman meme is not a new one but, if young Republican women like Cari are going to use it, they might want to think about what it actually signifies.

American women have never received equal pay for equal work and there are a lot of 19th century sociological and actuarial justifications for that.  The last time we had complete data, in 2012, the average American woman received seventy-seven cents on the dollar based on male counterparts’ pay.

In Texas, women are 2 cents better off, receiving 79% of what their male counterparts make.

And, exceptional as we Americans know we are?  in the 2013 Worldwide Equal Pay Sweepstakes . . .

We rank 23rd, just behind Barundi (22) and just ahead of Australia (24). And we’re WAY behind the top four—Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. What’s more, were not getting better. We’ve been dropping for the last two years—we were 22nd last year and 17th in 2011.

When people who do the same work are paid 20 - 30% less than others it is pretty natural for them to assume that they are not as valued as their higher-paid coworkers, for whatever reasons.  Being undervalued leads to insecurity on the job as well as in one’s personal life.

One way to combat that sense of insecurity is to do more, better, best, all of the time,  to prove one’s value.  And that’s a pretty good deal for employers, when paying less spawns more productive overachieving female employees who have been trained to understand that they automatically get less because . . . WOMEN.  As a bonus, those same undervalued, insecure employees are less likely to rock the boat, challenge authority or, for that matter, innovate.

So you see, Red State Women, although our Puritan background applauds busy-ness as a virtue in itself, it is actually a symptom of a dystopic workplace and dysfunctional gender roles.  It’s also bad for the economy.  So, whatever post-recession business boomlet Texas might be experiencing right now? it could be even better if all of the employed women in Texas, and the rest of the country, were paid fairly.

Fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in an effort to abolish wage discrimination based on gender.  Fifty years ago!  It helped considerably but we’re not there yet.

A recent Pew Research Center study showed 40 percent of moms are breadwinners — and that a majority of them are single.  No wonder they’re busy.  But, I suspect that if you ask them whether or not they are too busy to care about legislation that might close the gap and equalize pay for women, you’ll get their full attention.


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Now, I recognize that Cari Christman is young, doing a brand new job and I don’t think she’s dumb just, perhaps, well indoctrinated, shall we say.

She has memorized some talking points, perhaps. She has to learn segue fu, sidewinding to your talking points such that you never actually answer the question asked, but inject your bullshit as if it mattered to the original question.

Part of that is anticipating, even rehearsing, questions along the lines of “So, what’s your solution”. That’s a basic one, sheesh.

Right now she’s a word cuisinart, to the point that even the Hillbilly Half-Gov is running for cover.

She might improve, but she’s not ready for primetime yet.

All of the above is a political critique, as I am, unfortunately, a political junkie, and often miss the forest for the microphone. My thoughts as a human thingie, regarding her organization, points, and goals?
She is Satan wearing a road vest.

@paleo where have you been all my life?

segue fu?  Satan wearing a road vest?

The language—she SINGS!  Play it, Maestro.

“Texas women are not fans of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act because they’re just too dang busy to think about it.”

And that’s just the way the padrón likes it, dear. If they can’t have illegal immigrants, ladies will do fine.

Equal pay was an issues I was originally incensed about over 30 years ago, when I was first entering the workforce and doing so in a traditionally male job (geologist).  How many years later and we’re still in the high 0.70’s? Yep; some important/rich people really don’t want to see this happen.

So, they want equal pay, but they don’t want legislation to enforce equal pay?  What the hell does she think is going to happen?  Will equity elves wave their magic wands and cash will magically appear in women’s bank accounts?

Employers are never motivated to do things out of the goodness of their hearts.  There always has to be pressure, from either unions or the government.


GOP Agenda for Pay Equality = 1)stop whining 2) keep busy 3)go to negotiating school

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