Don’t Make Me Use My Stuff On You, Baby

And by “stuff,” I mean, “ricin.”

Alas, this week’s Elvis impersonator just can’t compete with the greatest Elvis impersonator of all time.Obviously, being a duplicate King of Rock is even more dangerous than we can imagine. 

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Bubba Ho-Tep is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It starts off as a cheesy horror-comedy and ends up a surprisingly touching, elegiac portrayal of the plight of the aged.

To cap a very weird last week or so, the “ricin” thing brings us a TPM headline for the ages:

Former GOP Candidate Reacts After Man He Allegedly Framed For Ricin Poisoning Is Released

Wackaloon as Elvis (and Prince etc. etc.) impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis may or may not be, it looks like alleged child molester etc. etc. J. Everett Dutschke now has some fancy explaining to do to the FBI.

Sadly missing from TPM’s account, Curtis’s description of his interrogation:

“I thought they said rice, and I said ‘I don’t even eat rice.’”

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