Grab your rubber boots and gloves and report to Louisiana, ladies—it’s almost time to anoint pelicans and otters with Dawn and scrub the oily muck off of them. 

No new offshore drilling will be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the rig Deepwater Horizon, an aide to President Barack Obama said Friday as oil oozed ashore in Louisiana.

Well, that’s a start. Christ, what a mess.

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Now would be a good time to push some climate change legislation through. Let the GOP try and block it now.

Shit, I killed Betty’s post.

The Drill Now, EveryGodDamned Place people have certainly been strangely quiet on this topic as of the day of the explosion; I wonder why?

All that fluffy, absorbent cotton batting stuffed in their crania where the brains belong would certainly come in handy down on the bayou today.

They’re choosing to ignore this, in favor of worrying about a real crisis—Puerto Rico possibly becoming a state.




Heh. Bill Maher can be an ass sometimes, but he’s dead right about this.

Yep - Betty and Bill on the same page!

I don’t think dear Sarah (or her BFF) will be heading out in waders to clean waterfowl any time soon.  Here’s what she had to say through Twitter today.

On behalf of myself and many other Gulf residents, I’d like to point out that Palin doesn’t have the foggiest idea what our fears are. And she can go stuff her prayers, too.

Why can’t these people just admit that they worship Satan and be done with it?

was she pointing at her crotch when she said drill here drill now?

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