Drive-by hooting and hollering

I was out walking around with my not-so-little bro who’s visiting from the left coast and returned to find Rumproast smeared with one of the best and weirdest cases of drive-by Obama Derangement Syndrome you’ll ever find in the blogosneer.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/30/08 at 02:49 PM • Permalink

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It’s okay, Kevin. Promise me you’ll help me and others fuck Hillary’s shit up between now and November 4th if she steals the nomination from Obama.

If it’s on the internet it MUST be true! I love how he gets increasingly worked up into caps lock then recovers and posts point form conclusion crib notes…FOR CONVENIENCE!!

Oh admit it—you’re gonna miss the HillTrolls when this is all over with!

Betty, honestly, I wish more of them would stop by here.

douglas, yeah, the caps-on/caps-off stuff was brilliant. And I loved how he/she managed to blurt out every possible lunatic anti-Obama talking point.

Cali, if she wins the nomination, I’m just going to turn this into a model rocketing blog.

I’m guessing that VOR’s mentor may be Hal Turner.  I hope s/he has a newsletter.

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