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Good on Shep for smoking out the timing of McCain’s fall.

Posted by poputonian on 11/05/08 at 09:47 PM • Permalink

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Heh, I was just going to post that. I love Jim Newell’s quote:

“Wait until she hears about Australia: it’s both.”

Shep needs a contract at CNN or MSNBC. He keeps committing acts of journalism and decency that fail to uphold Fox brand standards. This vid is one example. His smack-down of Joe the Wingnut Plumber was another. And his knee in the groin of doddering fool Ralph Nader was another. C’mon people, free Shep!

Thought maybe you were out imbibing, or something. :)

I’m surprised not many are mentioning how Shep pushed back on the assertion that McCain’s slide in the polls coincided with the day Lehman Bros collapse.  Shep notes how their decision team studied the data and noted the slide actually started four days earlier, when Palin opened her mouth in the Couric interview.


Sorry, Betts ... missed your comment in between. I like Shep. He was massively pissed, along with Geraldo, when the Bush administration majorly fucked up Katrina. He was quite emotional about it.

Oh, this fallout is going to be awesome!
I thought that the whole Katie Couric fiasco was the end of the entertainment.  Boy am I glad that there are more revelation of train wrecks coming!  Especially loved that whole refusing to prepare for interview piece of info.  Is it just me or are a lot of people actually excited that all these revelations are coming out?

And now we find out that Randy Scheunemann was fired last week from the McCain campaign for turning his attention to Palin instead of McCain.

It’s like Bush had his idiot younger brother and woefully stupid hick cousin decide they could play President.

Jesus Christ, Republicanland is just one giant train wreck after another with burnt bridges on all sides and multiple bodies thrown under every bus.  It’s fucking awesome.  Makes victory even sweeter…and hilarious.  Never change Sarah Palin and please run in 2012.  In fact I beg you to declare tomorrow.

Carl Cameron is such a fucking tool.  That guy couldn’t be more of a Republican mouthpiece if he had fellated an elephant.  I love how Shep Smith neatly obliterates him after he lies about the timing of McCain’s downfall.

Again, Shep exemplifies everything that Fox ain’t.  MSNBC should offer him the 6 pm slot that the tool David Gregory inhabits.

Is anyone honestly surprised that the McCain campaign is throwing Palin under the bus? Yes, she’s dumb as a post and probably drove away moderate Republicans, but this is more about saving face for McCain and his top staffers than anything else.

That, and the GOP does NOT want her hanging around for ‘12. As MR points out, right now she takes 25% of the party with her (evangelicals and social conservatives) if she runs. They have to bury her - now.

Of course he’s throwing her under the bus to save face. It’s what he does. He fooled many in 2000, my wife can attest that I was not one of them. But many forgot his role in the Keating 5 and that reports of insider knowledge about “the other guys” level of involvement were attributed to him.

This is also the guy that “bled for our country” even if he avoided torture as a POW by becoming the “songbird” to his captors and signing anti-American propaganda and being a part of 30+ anti-American propaganda films for them. Even his wonky arm syndrome is attributed to his crash that led to his capture not through his phony torture stories(ever wonder why a guy who was tortured could be for its use by the US?) How many Vets suffer from debilitating PTSD who were never in such a horrific experience as being a POW for years? Yet this guy supposedly is a level headed and capable member of one of our highest and most important and stressful offices. How do he dood it?

He is a sham above and beyond this gimmick pick, but she will surely take the fall for yet another case of “poor judgement”. They both need to take ownership of this and be shunned into never rearing their ugly heads again, for the good of the country.

The McCain guys may want to tone it down a bit - I’m sure Palin has some stories of her own.

Oh, and another thing: Fox can go fuck themselves if they think this absolves them of pimping Palin in the first place.

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