Dumbass Darragh Debunked

A little over a week ago I saw that Darragh “McCainiac” Murphy was pushing a viral email in the comments of Petulant PAC two days after she promised to “take better care in checking sources in the future”:

#82  murphy on 10.23.08 at 1:10 pm

  gopumago posted this email downstairs. It’s an email that is going viral, from a Michigan polices officer who claims that Obama is disdainful of people in uniform.

  There are LOTS of phony viral emails, so I checked this one out.

  Seems to be absolutely real. I’m reposting it [...]

The claims in the email sounded bogus to me (and some quick research backed that up), so I looked around the Google machine to make sure that it had gone viral and, once I confirmed that it had, I sent it off to Snopes.  Well, they just emailed me back to thank me for the tip and let me know they wrote about it.

Yep, you guessed it:

Claim:   Barack Obama shunned law enforcement personnel by asking them remain out of view before a campaign event in Battle Creek, Michigan.



Dumbass or disingenuous? I just can’t decide.

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Did you see Lady Rothschild’s screed in the HuffPo?

Why are the PUMAs so stupid?

Lady Lynn really is a glutton for punishment. She should have pitched that to Pajamas Media. The comments are hysterical.

It’s Murphy.  I’d go with “lying sack of liquid crap”

Given her penchant for not vetting the shit she spews (and getting caught in her lies two seconds after she hits “enter”), I’d say she’s probably a paid McCain staffer.

Dumbass OR disingenuous?  Both!

I would guess dumbass, since that seems to be the default setting.

I’d say that her last chance at fame is a “Ladies of PUMA” photo spread in Playboy, but Christie Hefner is actually an ardent Dem and would never give those losers any exposure—literal or otherwise.

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