Earth to Lindsey Graham!

In the world of Lindsey Graham and his band of Boom! Boom! Bomb Iran! knuckleheads this happened:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Tuesday he’s working on legislation that would give the president the green light to attack Iran if negotiations over the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program stall.

In the world the rest of us live in this happened:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told NBC News on Wednesday that his administration will never develop nuclear weapons and that he has full authority to make a deal with the West on the disputed atomic program.

In Rouhani’s first interview with a U.S. news outlet since his election, he also spoke to NBC News National and International correspondent/anchor Ann Curry about his initial interactions with President Obama, who sent him a letter of congratulations and raised “some issues.”

“From my point of view, the tone of the letter was positive and constructive,” Rouhani said.

All we are saying, Lindsey, is give diplomacy a chance.

Also somewhat related Harry Reid blew off a little steam:

  We should be facing the reality of climate change. Look what happened in Colorado. I talked to Senator Bennet yesterday. He said the floods were “Biblical.” In one part of Colorado, it rained 12 inches in 2 hours. I cannot imagine that. Fires all over the West. Climate change is here. I met with the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. They do not know what they are going to do with the rise of the sea which is taking place. In that country there is no high ground. It is that way all over the world. The Marshall Islands–a thousand islands make up the Marshall Islands–55,000 people live there. These islands are being washed away with the new waves they have never seen before.

  Climate change is here. We are doing nothing about it. They are spending all of our time, the American taxpayers’ time, trying to repeal a law that has been in effect for 4 years.

Speaking as someone who’s been witnessing these “Biblical” floods from the literal sidelines*, all I can say is “No shit, Sherlock.” 

Our government is so very, very dysfunctional and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it.

*Denver was pretty much unscathed being somewhat to the South of the worst rain and having pretty good flood control systems in place.  But North of here the devastation is truly unbelievable.  Whole rivers changed course as a result of the rains and most of the northern Front Range is inaccessible by most vehicles.  They are still pulling people out in helicopters and many, many still unaccounted for.  Not to mention the hugely swollen South Platte River (at about 5 times its normal height) is now plowing its way across to Nebraska picking off farms and small towns as it goes!

I’m not an expert on weather but as I understand the meteorological description of what happened, and how climate change is involved, picture an open boiling pot of water with steam pouring off then you put a cold pan lid on top of it.  Instant precipitation.  In this case the pot of steam was our August monsoon which lingered well into September, stalled over the mountains by high pressure.  Since we had a blazing hot August and early September, the monsoonal stuff heated way up.  Then it got a shove to the East and collided with a cold front coming down from the North.  And stalled.  And stalled. And stalled.  Pretty much until it rained itself out I guess.  In prior years, when August and September used to be cool we would still have gotten a lot of rain but the heat factor is what made it torrential.

Oh, and the Red Cross  could definitely use some love as they try to handle this and the various other disasters popping up around the country.

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There was some kind of congressional hearing thing with Energy Sec Moniz and EPA head McCarthy today; and what with all the deniers on the House committees, I’ll try and run down some info on it because I’m sure some foolishness was said (and I hope, corrected). There’s also a new IPCC report coming out soon which is going to be even more urgent regarding the seriousness of global warming. The denialists I think are in the “bitter-ender” stage, but for the time being, their grasp on their end is very bitter, indeed. And pretty well-funded.

As these things go, at the minimum, even if the bright boys’n'girls in congress can’t see the long-term function of greenhouse gases just doing like they chemically do, they could do a bit to work on infrastructure in more areas being shored up against the possibility of flooding (high tide in mile-high city is no joke)and regulate oil and gas businesses to ensure they are less likely to dump nasty things hither and yon in the event of a washout.

But I shudder when I consider what gets spread about if, say, a hog farm retaining pool gets overrun by flood water. Ever been by an industrial hog farm? And I think also about fracking because of what it does to the landscape—say you have a high-limestone area like Pennsylvania or Florida or anywhere else, it seems like, there is lots of drilling. You hollow out the brittle substrate, and then dump a mess of water on top. And you get sinkholes. Whole blocks of residences, let alone bridges or roads, could get washed down if an area is primed for it. And we’re dumbly priming areas for it.

What I’m saying is, it’s awfully late for people to be as dumb as we sometimes are.

And I think also about fracking because of what it does to the landscape

Weld County, which was right in the way of some of the worst rains AND is also covered with horizontal (i.e. fracked) oil & gas wells has been scrambling, and I do mean SCRAMBLING, to shut down the wells and minimize the pollution.  But the landscape of north central Colorado is going to be very toxic for a long time to come.

What I’m saying is, it’s awfully late for people to be as dumb as we sometimes are.

Too late, I hate to say it.  I mean the disasters are coming one after the next now.  I think it’s time to, yes, try and mitigate, but seriously, think what you’d need if the next climate disaster hit your community.  Denver was lucky but might not be so lucky next year.  Sorry Earth.  You were a nice place to live but we’ve kind of trashed you now.  Dolphins?  Can we get a lift?

I thought I felt bad for Orange Julius for a moment, but it was just gas.

Whoops! Wrong thread. My bad. Sorry.

Marin Denver, I have to second your “too late” comment, and this has been a source of stress and depressing thoughts for me since I first got a geology degree in the early 1980’s and was well-exposed even then to what was coming (and is now here). 

I live in Golden, CO; we got over 11 inches of rain in the week of the stalled storms; the average for the entire month of September is 0.5”.  The main hiking/biking trail near us here was ravaged by storm-caused debris flows.  this trail was one of the original 3 tolls roads to the gold mines in the mid-1800’s, and in places the trail was cut 6’ deep by water and rocks that sluiced off the valley sides.  That trail was over 150 years old, and this multi-day storm trashed it.  I’d call that a hint.

Isn’t the “Ground Zero” for the flooding that section of Colorado that wants to secede from the state?  I imagine this’ll shut up the teahadis.

Ha, had the same discussion at Charlie Pierce’s place.  Yeah, the National Guard helicopters rescuing all their stranded citizens plus the prospects of finding the money to repair all the non-U.S. owned highways and bridges without an assist from the taxpayers of the metro Denver area should pretty much put that whole nonsense to rest.  Oh, wait.  We’re dealing with TeePees here so maybe not. Sigh.

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