East Coast ’Roasters Presumed Lost

I only ever met one of them face-to-face, but they seemed like damn nice people.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 12/27/10 at 02:38 AM • Permalink

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Damn.  Hope y’all over on the East Coast are doing OK.  And, please send the snow to me (in MN, natch).  I want more of it.

Strange, do you ever sleep?

Strange, do you ever sleep?

How could I sleep when my friends are in danger? How could I sleep knowing that a Teabagger Congress is about to convene? How could I sleep now that New Zealand has released its UFO files?

Granted, it doesn’t hurt that I drank myself into an OOBE for eight hours earlier today, but mostly it’s the siren call of Truth and the screams of the unjustly persecuted that summon me back to the keyboard at this late hour.

If not me, how? If not then, what? These are the words I live by. It is my gift, it is my curse. Carry on, Citizen.

Strange, what?  You can’t BOTH be concerned about our East Coast Rumpers AND sleep at the same time?  You can’t tremble in fear at having to bow down to our ‘Bagging overlords AND catch forty winks?  I thought you were the magical pony of this show.  I would have thought you could stop the blizzard from snowing, de-bagged the ‘baggers, AND snored me a sonata simultaneously!  How very disappointed in you I am.

Alive.  Barely.

Drove back from NC to NJ in this yesterday..  A normally 9-hour drive took 14.

One thing.  Mr. Gimme and I have more balls than the Nancy Football League.

gimme, you and the Mr. have a 4X4, I hope. Although that doesn’t preserve you from the people who slide into you. Welcome home from your ordeal in any case.

We received some gigantic wind gusts that actually made our living room window belly out like a topgallant during a typhoon, but it held. Our nerves are another story.

I distinctly saw Mr. Polly looking at Mama-san and salivating. The poor lady accepted it as consequence of her allure, but I know he was envisioning a MILau vin. she’d done most of the work on that already.

We settled for noshing on an old pair of enzo angiolini boots in a reduction of scotchguard, accompanied by fingerling pencil erasers. It wasn’t bad, but plating the boots was a challenge; I do so hate a sloppily sliced insole.

I’m here but the table and grill in my garden seem to have completely disappeared.

Strange, did it hit your neck of the woods?

Biscuit is seriously bummed she can’t look out the window. It’s her favorite television show.

Glad to hear you all made it through the hideous blizzard!

No snow down here (much to Young Miss Cracker’s disappointment), but it is 40 DEGREES!! right now and is supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow night. It sucks to be a citrus / strawberry farmer right about now.

Mr. Gimme and I have more balls than the Nancy Football League.


Finally stopped snowing here in the Joe Lieberman state (go Lady Huskies!) and I can see some blue sky. Unfortunately, it also means it’s time to go see if we can find our shovels. :-(

As to snow fall amount, I’m thinking 14 - 16 inches. And did I mention the 50 mph winds? (Hey Betty, can you pass me over one of those fancy cocktails of yours? I could use some liquid courage.)

Wish Felix (who has since forgiven me for dressing him up in a Santa hat) or Flora had laser beam eyes. I could use some help melting the snow.

Comment by J. on 12/27/10 at 08:59 AM

J, yes, expect more 50mph winds all today, furthermore.

I know this is weak sauce to our Floridian contingent, but we haven’t shutters or plywood, or experience with watching a picture window act like the tympanum in the 1812 overture.

Biscuit! Biscuit! Biscuit! If you cross her, Kevin, do you develop double burn marks, or does she reserve her power for peaceful purposes!

Biscuit! Biscuit! Biscuit! If you cross her, Kevin, do you develop double burn marks, or does she reserve her power for peaceful purposes!

She reserves her power for peaceful purposes unless you’re a veterinarian. Then all bets are off. Saw a whole new side of her when we took her last week. My little baby sure can struggle, swipe and hiss when you’re trying to get drops into her nose. Oh my. The vet is very lucky she didn’t activate her eyeballs. He would have been a pile of ash.

Um, oh yeah, I should probably have mentioned that this big-ass storm that hit California last weekend was headed your way. Six to ten feet of snow up around Lake Tahoe. You should probably stock up on groceries and get ready to hunker down.

No Snowpocalypse, but old Richmond got a nice blanket of fluffy snow that fell starting in the afternoon Christmas day, and all the wat through Sunday!  ‘Twas extremely Christmassy, we hardly ever get white Christmasses around here, and even more rarely really pretty ones.

On the downside, this is scientific proof that Algore is fat, apparently.

Strange, did it hit your neck of the woods?

Nah. We got the Arctic cold, but the moisture just kind of wheeled around us and kept going.

Here’s an amazing pic of Brooklyn. Found it on Twitter. Not sure what neighborhood it is. Don’t recognize it.

Um, oh yeah, I should probably have mentioned that this big-ass storm that hit California last weekend was headed your way.

Yeah, the mountains here got dumped with several feet (great for the ski resorts!  and the reservoirs next spring!) but then it swung to the north and completely missed us.  In fact we were out watering the yard all day yesterday since we haven’t had any moisture to speak of since August.

Stay warm guys!

Here’s an amazing pic of Brooklyn.

Yikes. When the painted lines on the street are covered, you people can’t drive for shit.

I have to commend both the NC and VA DOT’s.  The did a wonderful job with the roads down there.  Of course, as soon as we got any where near the mid-atlantic, it all went to shit.  MD and DE were doing ok, but NJ was just awful.  AWFUL.  And this was after practicing last year on over 100 inches of snow.

It’s pretty here today, but of course our local township has gotten nowhere near plowing us out.

Pretty, but cold and obnoxious.  Ready to move to Florida.

Mrs. P - no 4x4.  In the 2nd pic you’ll see the little subcompact that made the trip.

KK - our cat is very upset with us.  She was first left alone for 4 days and then she was unable to go out when we got home.  She’s been bitchin at me non-stop since we got home.

It’s lovely now, if you don’t mind the screaming, ice crystal-filled arctic blasts, combined with soot for texture.

The sky is a tender baby blue.

Mmmmmm….tender babies….

Time to mush to Gristedes for victuals!


Polly, from your pleasant but oddly surreal reverie, I can infer that you’ve reached Stage 4 Hypothermia. The good news is that from now until you meet Jesus, you’re going to think it’s getting warmer!

Will there be…paint-by-numbers in Heaven? ‘Cause I saw the Last Supper in Paint-by-Numbers once, and it…looked….so…tast—

—Grandma Lotta? Is it you? Say that poem about the wind for me, Grandma…....

No, Mrs. P!  Don’t go into the light!  Someone get this woman a piping bowl of stew and a hot rum toddy, STAT!

Glad to see East Coast Roasters reporting in safe and sound.  And, anyone who doesn’t want his/her snow, please send it my way.  We only have three to six feet piled.  Not nearly enough.

Not a damn thing here in the DC ‘burbs. SO disappointed.

Kevin K., Biscuit is a cutie.  Nice of you to set up a private viewing area for her!

Kevin K., Biscuit is a cutie.

Yeah, but I gotta say, from that second picture, she’s not missing any meals.  ;-)

Kevin - you wouldn’t happen to drive a Ford Bronco, would you?

‘amazing pic of Brooklyn’

I was living in B’lyn at the far end of Park Slope in 1982 when we had an amazing overnight snowdump - someone got out the old horse drawn-sleigh (and a couple of horses) from the Prospect Park stables, and gave rides up and down the main drag. Certainly looks like you could do that again from that pic!

Mrs P.: re MIL au vin - drink the wine instead; a curry warms you up from the inside.

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