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I usually don’t attempt emulsification prior to 10 AM, but I made a smashing hollandaise sauce this morning:


It was a simple recipe: 4 egg yolks, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a stick of melted butter, white pepper, cayenne pepper and salt.

Then I toasted some thick slices of Italian bread, topped them with some slices of Ukrainian purple tomatoes from our garden, topped that with eggs over easy, ladled hollandaise sauce over it and sprinkled it with smoked paprika:


Definitely not a heart healthy breakfast, but we’re patching a floor and laying tile today, so we need the fuel.

Please feel free to discuss whatever.

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 05/18/13 at 08:24 AM • Permalink

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You have ripe Ukrainian Purple tomatoes in MAY!??/1!?  We had SNOW 2 weeks ago, and tomatoes are only safe outside as of last week.

Such is local climate.  One thing on our side: no flying cockroaches….

Damn that looks good. I wouldn’t say it’s not heart-healthy, though—eggs have gotten a very bad rap, but you just can’t beat’em. Wait. I guess you can... (I just went from chicken-envy to tomato-envy—our weather locally hasn’t been garden-friendly, either).

I usually don’t attempt emulsification prior to 10 AM

I find I do my best emulsification in the middle of the night.

One thing on our side: no flying cockroaches….

LOL or attack frogs either.  Still fresh tomatoes in May would be great.  I put my tomatoes in earlier this week and will be lucky to have any ripe before late July or early August.  Then we’ll probably get a freeze in September and that’s the end of our tomato season. ;-)

I have a bumper crop of stinging nettles that I picked on the job.  Made a nettle pesto, will make creamed nettles tomorrow, and will work on a nettle/spinach “spanakopita” next week.

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