Emotional Intelligence: Joe Biden Unplugged

After the slating Joe Biden’s taken from the RW blogs in the last week or so, with their obviously well-intentioned advice that the Obama campaign should ditch him in favor of Hillary, I finally found the time and headspace to sit down and watch this speech of his to the TAPS National Military Survivor Seminar earlier this year and give it the undivided attention it deserves.

I found it helpful in terms of my own bereavements over the years (and one notable recent near-bereavement).

It also made me realize that one thing I look for in friends is emotional intelligence—and also in leaders, where it’s a very rare commodity. It’s even rarer to be able to express it so eloquently in unscripted words.

Biden’s closing remarks are entirely appropriate for the audience he was addressing, but they did make the old hippy that I am at heart stir.

It’s hard to believe that someone who can display such empathy doesn’t have that inform decisions about whether to send troops into harm’s way, while also recognizing the human cost to those on the receiving end. Or maybe I’m just hopelessly naive.

I haven’t seen any public evidence of such emotional intelligence and capacity for empathy from those who would replace Obama and Biden, though.

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All you’re going to see in those who would replace Obama is the emotional Q of a 2 year old.

Well, let’s see.  Biden writes and sponsors the original Violence Against Women Act and Ryan co-sponsors Redefining Rape Bill last year.

Biden’s dealt with loss, he also lacks a privileged upbringing.  He’s been through a lot, and it gave him empathy.  The right-wing tried to make empathy a dirty word a few years back.

I like Biden.  The reason why the troglodytes are trying to undermine him is because he embodies the ideals that they trumpet, but never live up to.

Comment by Big Bad Bald Bastard on 08/20/12 at 04:07 PM

Not only does he have a normal, non-silver spoon upbringing, he also has skin in the game militarily in the form of his son.  Let’s see, now how many rethug senators and teabagging congrisscritters can say that?  It’s just one more way that he and his family live up to the ideal the rethugs claim to stand for, but never actually, you know, do.

I don’t listen to every speech Joe Biden makes, and I know he’s said a few things in his career that were pretty stupid, but I doubt that he’s the gaffe machine that he’s been built up to be. I think his reputation has been boosted by the Republicans and now the press hones in on every word he says, hoping for more fodder.

I like Joe Biden. He’s got a big heart, he loves people, and he comes across as a smart, likeable human being. Everything that Romney is not.

YAFB, thanks posting the video.  I watched the entire thing earlier this year, and I was so impressed.  During all the hoo-hah about “chains” and gaffes I kept thinking about this speech.

obviously well-intentioned advice that the Obama campaign should ditch him in favor of Hillary

Exactly—it’s trolling. Biden is a fabulous campaigner, because of that emotional intelligence, and because he comes straight from the working class, and because he has pots of the other kind of intelligence too. We’ll go back one day and look at the “gaffes” and find out that they weren’t. Like “This is a big fucking deal” for the ACA, or the surprise backing of same-sex marriage just a little while ago. He generally knows what he’s saying.

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