Enough with the honoring

From AP:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain chided his Democratic rival on Wednesday for getting “a little testy” as Barack Obama sharpened his tone amid a tightening White House race.

“I honor his service. I don’t honor his policies. I don’t honor his politics,” Obama said, taking on his GOP opponent with renewed vigor while some Democrats fret that their candidate has not been aggressive enough.

I’ve got a better idea:

I honor his service. I don’t honor his policies. I don’t honor his politics.”


Let’s not forget how much Republicans honored John Kerry’s service…


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Posted by Kevin K. on 08/20/08 at 05:40 PM • Permalink

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Weren’t they also mocking Max Cleland as well for not having sacrificed enough for his country? That would be the wheelchair bound guy missing three limbs lost in Vietnam?

Fuck these asshats.

Oddly, I just posted the same thought.

Big deal, Sen. McCain - so what?

Comment by Ripley on 08/20/08 at 08:35 PM

Yes they were, douglas.  They even claimed that Cleland intentionally gave himself the injuries that necessitated him needing THREE OF HIS FOUR LIMBS AMPUTATED.  The Republicans really are that sick.

A fat Repub showing off her dentures.


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