Episode Three: The Candidate Speaks!


In Episodes One and Two of Sweet Savage South Carolina Surrender, wingnut scamp Will Folks (blogger and occasional GOP political consultant) confessed that he and married GOP goober-natorial front-runner Nikki Haley (aka “Palmetto Palin”) had once engaged in a torrid “inappropriate physical relationship.” Folks claims he was prompted to spill his guts to preempt political operatives from opposing GOP campaigns who were set to drop the bombshell—complete with a “compromising” photo.

Haley, who was surging ahead in the polls and had just picked up the coveted Palin endorsement, issued a categorical denial. She implied she barely knew the guy, and her campaign denounced him as a lying cad. Palin herself weighed in via Facebook (of course):

South Carolina: don’t let some blogger make any accusation against your Nikki if the guy doesn’t even have the guts or the integrity to speak further on such a significant claim.

Palin topped that middle school twaddle with a dollop of the usual “lamestream media” and “liberal” foamy fluff, even though all the players in our drama are 100% certified grade-A wingnuts.

Stung by the campaign’s characterization of him as a delusional liar, Folks released text records establishing that he communicated with the campaign prior to the confession about keeping the bombshell under wraps. He also released phone records indicating that he and Haley talked frequently and into the wee hours. The Haley camp’s response was basically, “So?”

Then another wingnut joined Palin in defending Haley’s honor: Erick Erickson claimed to have evidence that Folks was bought off by a rival GOP candidate to sully the front-runner. Like Folks, Erickson strung rubberneckers along for a few days, only to finally admit he had nothing. So Bubba Son of Bubba turns out to be all wank, no squirt. Color me shocked.

But finally, the candidate herself addressed the issue with the press, and instead of a teary confession, she doubled down on her denial:

Now, I’m predisposed to think ill of Haley because I don’t like her rightwing politics and she’s a Frozen Cheesecake Goddess protégé. But I’ve gotta admit, she handled the press with aplomb and seems about a zillion times smarter than her political patroness. Is she just trying to run out the clock? I don’t know. But unless something new comes to light, it looks like she’s going to win the June 8 primary.

As Kevin K. noted when this sordid story broke, Folks is either the dumbest, most reckless liar on earth, or Haley is toast politically. Earlier this week, I would have put my money on the latter. Now I’m not so sure. Anyway, stay tuned for the titillating conclusion of As the Wingnut World Turns.

[H/T: TPM & StrangeAppar8us]

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But I’ve gotta admit, she handled the press with aplomb and seems about a zillion times smarter than her political patroness.

I thought the same thing yesterday when I saw that interview. I think Haley’s “I expect my staffers to work 24/7” excuse was lame, but she handled the rest of it well.  Definitely a much better politician under fire than the half governor.  Compare that Haley interview with Palin’s resignation “speech.” Night and day.

I just read these posts for the pictures. ;-) (Though I am slightly worried about your Harlequin habit, Betty.)

Yeah, that 24/7 excuse was lame as hell. She was on the phone with the guy for 4 hours on one of the calls—in the middle of the night. And she barely knew him? Uh-huh. I still think there’s some fire beneath all this smoke. But she handled it as well as possible under the circumstances.

If this were taking place anywhere but South Carolina, Haley could probably win even if the “compromising” photo emerges. I’m surprised to find myself half rooting for her despite her rancid politics, mainly because Folks is such an asshole. But then again, if Haley goes down, Palin and Erickson look like chumps. I guess it’s a win-win…

Perhaps Rachel Maddow will have Haley on immediately after she wins the primary.

This things kind of stinks.  Folks came forward to get ahead of the story then gets pissed off and starts producing titillating bits that do more to pique the curiosity then answer any questions.  Supposedly, he has a “compromising” picture.  Don’t tell us you have it, produce it.  For all the whispers and rumors of an affair, presumably no one has been able to prove it to this point.  So, I’m not sure why Folks and Haley didn’t just agree to deny, deny, deny.  It’s not like the Enquirer has pictures.

At this point, it looks like a spurned lover thing not a CYA thing.

The excuse about her staff working 24/7 is not believable.  Although I think Folks is telling the truth considering the phone records, he needs to come up with more proof and if he has nothing else, she may end up winning the primary.
However, how many politicians have said the allegations of an affair were false, there was no truth in the rumors, blah, blah, blah, etc. and then later stood with their spouse beside them broadcasting their “mea culpa” in front of their constituents?  Far too many to recall.  I can’t remember any that turned out to actually be false rumors but I’m sure there were some.

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