Eric Cantor, Magnificent Backstabber

My brilliant co-bloggers have covered the Petraeus affair with their characteristic brilliance.  The one thing I have to add to the commentary concerns the role of the Republican party’s resident Iago/Starscream...

Consider, if you will, the strange case of General David Penetraeus.  When he was heading up the counterinsurgency in Iraq, Petraeus was the fair-haired boy who stood up to quisling Democrats regarding war policy, any criticism of him was considered treasonous by right wingers.  To the Republican true believers, General Petraeus was seen as the great hope for Republican party since Bush was a failure (for a hilarious sample of butthurt, check out this fawning video).  The hero-worship for Petraeus wasn’t limited to his biographer/comare.

The most bizarre feature of the current Petraeus adultery scandal is the source of the leak.  A teabagging FBI agent got wind of Petraeus’ affair and concocted a theory that the press was conspiring to hide the affair to, get this, protect President Obama.  The teabagger contacted fellow teabagger Eric Cantor, who informed the director of the FBI.  The conspiracy theory is now that Petraeus was forced to resign before he could testify about the attack on the consular office Benghazi.  Yeah, this is an Obama Administration scandal, even though all of the principals are Republicans.  Now, the conspiracy mavens on the right just might impeach the president for another man’s infidelity (the specter of Clinton’s penis yet again looms over the office of the presidency).

If Eric Cantor stabbed David Petraeus in the back in an attempt to embarrass President Obama, it would not be the first time that he stuck it to a fellow Republican.  During last year’s debt ceiling negotiations, Cantor bucked Boehner’s authority as Speaker of the House.  Eric Cantor is a false-friend worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy or a mafia movie.  Part of me thinks that he might be engaged in a deep-cover Alinskyite plot to undermine the GOP from within (and then I come to my senses).  It would be fun to spread this rumor in order to undermine Cantor, the man who single handedly prevented David Petraeus from rebuilding the Republican Party and taking it to victory (bonus hilarity at the link- d00d thinks Scott Brown should run in a 2013 special election if John Kerry becomes Secretary of State).

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Obama isn’t the black Jimmy Carter.  He’s the black Bill Clinton.

all of the principals are Republicans

This bears highlighting repeatedly.

Given it’s been Fox that’s been frantically pumping this up (Ms. YAFB tells me that CNN, not wishing to be left floundering, has now taken up the strain), I wonder if we’re going to witness a mega-reverse ferret before long?

Reverse ferret is a phrase used predominantly within the British media to describe a sudden volte-face in an organisation’s editorial line on a certain issue. Generally, this will involve no acknowledgement of the previous position.

The term originates from Kelvin MacKenzie’s time at the The Sun. His preferred description of the role of journalists when it came to public figures was to “stick a ferret up their trousers”. This meant making their lives uncomfortable, and was based on the northern sport of ferret legging (where contestants compete to show who can endure a live ferret within their sealed trousers the longest). However, when it became clear that the tide of public opinion had turned against the paper’s line, MacKenzie would burst from his office shouting “Reverse Ferret!”

They can have a crack at impeachment if they want, but I think the collateral damage to their own echelons will be spectacular and far-reaching.

I must object to referring to Cantor as a “Magnificent” anything.  He’s actually a pretty typical of the Republican ethos—“hang together during the election season, then get out the knives.”  I’ve very little doubt that he will soon shiv Boehner, and rule over the House Republicans until he is shivved himself.

But at least he will have the comfort of knowing that his assassin will get what’s coming to him.

d00d thinks Scott Brown should run in a 2013 special election if John Kerry becomes Secretary of State
Hilarity? It’s one of the reasons McCain & that other creepy jerk Senator are slandering Susan Rice, so Kerry will be Secretary of State & Scott Brown will be able to run again.

@YAFB You Brits are peculiar (in a cuddly sort of way).  The whole ferret business is etymologically fascinating, on its own merits, but following it up with “They can have a crack at impeachment, if they want” is sheer poetry . . . Great Scots.

I must object to referring to Cantor as a “Magnificent” anything.

Snark is my stock-in-trade.

oh, i don’t know. describing eric cantor as a “magnificent douchebag” certainly works for me.

Thing is there are magnificent backstabbers—Otto Bismark is leaping into my mind, or to go full evil, Josef Stalin.  Cantor’s just typical Rethug nastiness.

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