Shorter Erick Erickson: Fuck You If You Can’t Take a Stupid, Unethical Meta-Joke

Betty Cracker has been following the unfolding Will Folks/Nikki Haley proto-scandal, most recently here. It’s an unseemly soap-opera of implied sexual shenanigans between a right-wing blogger and the GOP candidate for Governor of South Carolina.

What “scandal” there is consists of an ugly mess of unproven allegations and innuendos, which could only be made worse by the interventions of crusading Conservative nutsack Erick Erickson—a CNN commentator and proprietor of

On Thursday, Erickson ran a Drudge-strobe post titled BREAKING: We Know Who Did It, which cryptically suggested that Erickson possessed proof-certain that blogger Will Folks had been paid by Haley’s opponents to claim that he and Haley had engaged in an “inappropriate physical relationship” while Haley was married. Erickson closed the post with the ominous admonition to “Tune in later for the answer.” FoxNews cited Erickson’s claim in a report on the brewing weirdness here.

On Friday, Erickson posted a follow-up titled Naming Names, which rather conspicuously didn’t name any names, and left it to his commenters to speculate that Erick was intentionally spoofing the style and “slow-leak” technique that Will Folks had employed in his proof-deficient claim of an affair with Haley, and several teasing-but-inconclusive follow-ups. One commenter defended Erickson thusly:

Erick’s not trying to be like Will Folks. He’s trying to be like Andrew Brietbart. (And doing a rather good job.) The way those ACORN videos were released last fall, like Chinese water torture, was pure genius.

Another commenter noted (curiously, since this is a Right-on-Right “crime story”):

This is a classic tactic employed by Rush Limbaugh that leaves the left screaming. Illustrating absurdity by being absurd really draws out how apoplectic the left can get when they feel they’re being made fun of..

A few hours later, Erickson uploaded Letting the Chips Fall Where They May, wherein he admits that his “We Know Who Did It” post was total bullshit, planted online in the hopes of drawing out the actual perpetrators, in much the same way that Batman and Commissioner Gordon would plant a false story in the Gotham Gazette about the “Mope Diamond” being on display at “Spiffany’s” in order to lure and entrap a costumed crook. Or something. In the post, he apologizes to the RedState community in general and Dan Riehl in particular, who reacted badly here, but later relented here and became aggressively defensive of Erick here.

Commenters again leapt to Erickson’s (queasy) defense, at least the ones who weren’t appalled and disappointed by his tactics:

Folks has a sickness and Erick was messing with his mind, it you cannot even get that you are going to have some serious problems with politics as a whole. It is an UGLY business however USUALLY that can be put at the feet of the Democrats, It has come to the attention of the GRASSROOTS that the GOP has some MAJOR issues as well but the bottom line is that it would appear that in the end Democrats come out looking like “angels” and the SC GOP IS disgusting and needs to be cleaned out!

Later that same day, Erickson published My Goodness, a post in which he adopts a posture of studied surprise at the fact that a lot of people now think he’s an irresponsible dick, at the head-end of a comments section that quickly devolves into a frontier bar melee between Erick’s critics and defenders.

Despite the FoxNews link, I doubt that Erickson’s playful meddling had any impact on real-world events (since his “serious” meddling has been notably unproductive), and I concede that I’m one of those cowardly, anonymous bloggers Dan Riehl despises because we have lives apart from blogging and aren’t under contract to CNN. Nonetheless, there’s something fundamentally unserious and unsettling about posting fake news under the guise of performance art. Maybe I don’t quite get that we’re living in a gloves-off, all’s-fair Fight for Political Survival, but I hope to hell “It Takes An Asshole to Catch An Asshole” will never replace “All the News That’s Fit to Print” as a working motto for professional journalists.

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Didn’t Larry Johnson do much the same thing with the Whitey Tape claiming he had unimpeachable sources for it and tantalizing his readers it would be produced 1)any day now; 2)at convention time); 3)as an October Surprise, as one deadline after another passed?  Recently almost 2 years later he admitted he had been “burned” by it.

dbb, yes, the Whitey Tape hurt poor Larry Johnson dreadfully! Just as Erick Erickson and Glenn Beck have been “burned” by the unmerciful way Obots enjoy wallowing in every little mistake of theirs.

So Liar Liarsson lied. And the Rabid Hamster mocked Obama’s children, in audio blackface, no less. So supposedly vodka-swilling Caleb Howe twittered vile cancer “jokes” about Roger Ebert after Ebert wrote something with which he disagreed.

After the instant shitstorm, they backed down! Those lying scum Obots are just trying to politicize their errors in judgement! Whatever happened to morals in this country?

I doubt Erick had any plans to drag this out since, as a serious sting operation, the game was up when nobody took the bait—and, as a parody of Folks’ tetchy blogging style, it wasn’t exactly a comedy goldmine. 

Whatever the actual intention, I think the Meta-Monster escaped from the lab when FoxNews and other bloggers picked up Erick’s “We Know Who Did It” post as real news…at which point the prank became radioactively toxic to Erick’s CNN gig, sheepish apologies were extended and the innovative Fighting-Unsourced-Smears-With-Unsourced-Smears defense was added to the arsenal of exotic justifications for pulling dumb stunts on the Web.

@Mrs. Polly—Your Honor, my client pleads “High-Concept,” and asks that bail be waived.

These fuckers at Redstate are sad:

JadedByPolitics   Friday, May 28th at 6:18PM EDT
pathetically howling and MOST especially those who signed up or commented for the very FIRST time to berate you….well…….they can go jump in a lake and forget breathe!

conservativensc   Friday, May 28th at 6:41PM EDT
Mind if I stick around Jaded? I just signed up a few days ago and would like to stick around. I’ve been most respectful and value this site very much.

JadedByPolitics   Friday, May 28th at 6:49PM EDT
and keep the berating for the LEFT! this is no time to go all LIMP on one of the LEADERS of the Conservative GRASSROOTS!

“LEADERS of the Conservative GRASSROOTS!”
These guys are notorious for monitoring their comments and wiping and banning unflattering comments.  But the bitchassedness of ConservativenSC is astounding, the lily-livered begging not to be banded for his questioning Erick.  He has a multitude of ass suckers…

@Manamongst Hussein Yeah, it didn’t take long to go from “I sincerely apologize” to “How dare you question Erick’s noble intentions, newbie thug?”

The weirdest thing was the “Extremism Is No Vice in the Defense of Nikki Haley” crowd, who seemed to be endorsing some form of Journalistic Taqqiyah, but stopped short of condoning Investigative Jihad.

It surprises me there are so many people who have absolutely no doubt they know the TRUTH.  They are so positive that they will make up facts to support this TRUTH without batting an eye.

at which point the prank became radioactively toxic to Erick’s CNN gig

Before it became evident the posts were pranks, some RedStaters were hoping Erickson would reveal all on CNN, thus increasing his profile and credibility as a serious political analyst. 

Sad, isn’t it.

I guess Erik forgot the snark tag at the end of his post.  Or should that be “satire?”

Will anyone at CNN wonder if having some guy who makes stuff up on his blog on air as a political commentator is really a good idea?

Zandar had his number a while back:

Erick Erickson should really change his name to Asshole Assholeson.

A certain liberal blogger has collected damning evidence that D.B. Cooper monitors Rumproast. The gig is up friends, but more later.





. . anything?

Screw you guys.

Oh, fuck. Now we have to top-off the Rumproast Mystery Machine so that Scooby and Shaggy can dress up as ghosts and scare the Hardy Boys into ratting on Nancy Drew.

She’ll give up Cooper, and Cooper will hand us Mothman’s head on a platter. After that, it’s only a matter of time before Ming the Merciless spills his guts to Gene autry at the Radio Ranch.

. . and Gene, of course, wraps it all up with a song. Something plaintive and yodel-y, a little something to remember that indefatigable frontier cuss, Erick Erickson, by. “DOO-EY-OUCHEBAAAG . . .” it goes. And it goes, hoo-boy.

So pithy and catchy, and kitschy-pathy, is it, that even Ming sings along. OR, he yanks a Morgon Laser Atomizer out, looking suspiciously like a Lone Ranger prop covered in foil, and molecularizes everybody in sight. Either way, the chorus is evocative, no?

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