Via Tengrain, here’s a great insight into the mind of the conspiracy theorist- a bunch of nutters believe that the government blanketed the South with fake snow.  My favorite theory is that the faux snow, or snaux, is made up of nanobots.  Here is a hilarious video from a conspiracy maven:

My favorite part of the video is when he exhorts his slack-jawed sidekick to smell the blackened snowball- the butane from the lighter is a commonly abused (“huffed”) substance

Meanwhile, in the reality-based community, it is known that snow that is exposed to flame doesn’t melt, it sublimates- the ice transitions immediately from a solid to a gas.  In the case of these videos, the snow sublimates and is blackened by carbon from the butane lighters.

Conspiracy theorists have long had serious problems understanding the water cycle.  One of the longest-standing conspiracy theories posits that the condensation trails left in the wake of an airplane’s engines are a global conspiracy to achieve a nebulous, nefarious goal.  Funny how simply conflating “contrails” with the made up word “chemtrails” has achieved such longevity.  My go-to authority on aviation is Major Kong, a man I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life.  As a former USAF and current commercial pilot, this was his terse take on chemtrails:

Yeah, like we’re going to give up valuable cargo space so we can spray chemicals.
We could put a lot of chickens where those chemical tanks would have to go.

It’s one thing when the nutters claim that the government is using a weather-smurfing machine to create storms, but it’s an entirely different stratum of wrongness when they believe that countless nanobots were dumped across a wide swath of the U.S.

Of course, I could be in on the conspiracy…

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Of course you are in on it. You cant fool me.

Contrails? chemtrails? fugeddaboudit!

Slice up a live chicken [no chicken? a pigeon or possum will do just as well] carefully spread the entrails [guts] out on a clean surface
like so . . . [see

Any half decent haruspex will tell you that you then will know everything you need to know, nanobots notwithstanding [i.e., we’re doomed]. 

Sheesh, I hate science.

Meanwhile, in the reality-based community, it is known that snow that is exposed to flame doesn’t melt, it sublimates- the ice transitions immediately from a solid to a gas.

Uh, what now? This happens if we’re talking about dry ice. But snow? It melts.

So I was curious and flicked my bic on some “snow” in the back yard (here in Ottawa we have easy access to millions of cubic yards of it). Sure enough it didn’t melt just like in the video. They have attacked us here in Americas hat too! Not only that, they have been attacking us for countless genrations and I doubt anything we can do will prevent them from attacking again every year.

Rachel Maddow did an excellent segment on this last week.

Of course, as any good conspiracy nut will tell you, even a total lack of evidence is itself evidence, because it proves how good “They” are at covering Their tracks!

Comment by Frank Stone on 02/10/14 at 04:14 PM

You don’t even know the half of it, I was a jet engine mechanic in the Marine Corps for 6 years. These chemtrail morons are trying to claim that the shadowy “they” whoever the fuck that might be, UN, US, Jewish Bankers, Bilderbergs, NWO, etc. put aluminum into the fuel so that the exhaust is the spray, supposedly. This came about because I said where’s the trails, all I see is the engine exhaust? So they come back with that little gem of disinformation, & I had to abuse them of the idea that you could put any sort of metal into jet fuel that wouldn’t immediately clog up the engine fuel nozzles or the pumps, or suppress the combustion reaction. The usual response I would get from these mental midgets would be to block me from replying to their YouTube accounts, the typical tactic of a propaganda coward. They could have a thousand airline professionals, mechanics, pilots, etc. who know more about jets in our little fingers demonstrating the truth of the physics to them over & over again, it wouldn’t make a fuck’s bit of difference to them, you can’t cure stupid. That’s the major problem we have with the GOP, the Tea Party, the Sons of the South, or any of those other fucktards who hate President Obama because of ‘erm, I don’t know, he’s a secret kenyan muslim socialist marxist communist nazi, that’s why. If I ever start up my own blog, or blog somewhere, that’s going to be my motto:

GOP, because you can’t cure stupid.

Ah yes, “They” and “Them” - the single most powerful force in the world, and also the most invisible.  Perhaps the particle physicists are looking in the wrong place, the true Grand Unifying Theory may really be nothing more than a butane lighter in the hand of a slack-jawed moron!

The “RAPTURE” sign on the wall over his head tells me everything I need to know about this rocket scientist.

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