Essential Heat-Wave Blogging Tools: Kraken Rum

Way too hot for Usquaebach or Patrón Reposado, and beer wicks off your skin faster than Witch Hazel. However, a fistful of this and a couple of fingers of Looza Banana Nectar will make politics seem edgy and interesting all over again.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 07/09/10 at 03:19 PM • Permalink

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It’s so good, it makes you post the same thing three times.

Finally, some rain here. Stand by, Eat Coast ‘Roasters—some modest relief is on the way!

Had some of that rain today while new AC was being installed.  Thanks for sending it this way.

More to follow, I hope, gimme. We’ve been scraping each other off the sidewalks here. I can only imagine what it must be like in unforgiving heat-sinks like Philly and DC.

a couple of fingers of Looza Banana Nectar

Hellcats on a tin roof sundae, it’s hot in here. Just skip the digits, barkeep, and pour me a whole hand.

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