Ex-Governor Gobbledygook [UPDATED with commentary from StrangeAppar8us]

The Wasilla Word Salad is now served with 25% more “common sense.” Also.

UPDATE: Just found out that StrangeAppar8us was also working on a post and graphic about Palin’s SOTU analysis and overuse of the phrase “common sense” (like minds!), so I’m going to tack it onto the end of this post as a “bonus track”...

Saul Alinksy was laughing in his nameless, unsanctified grave last night when President Obama challenged Congress to implement “common sense” responses to America’s fiscal crisis—effectively hijacking Sarah Palin’s trademark political brand identity and flying it, metaphorically, to Communist Cuba. 

That left Gov. Moosemunch in the awkward position of having to savage Obama for agreeing with her own plain-folks Teabagger rhetoric, with hilarious results. You can watch her sputtering, incoherent “analysis” here

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The stupid doesn’t just burn: It threatens to trigger a massive solar flare that consumes the earth.

You bastard! I was just about to post this.

Sorry, Strange! I’m so burned out dealing with the you-know-what that I just went for the easy kill.  Feel free to pass me on any additional content and I’ll add it to the post. Is it in the admin?

It’s in there. You’ll see it.

No problem, BTW. If we can piggyback, great. If not, feh.

Gooood Grief.

She’s lookin’ a bit anorexic there, U betcha!

Strange, DONE!

You’re a sport, dude. Thx.

I’m still waiting for the English subtitles.

Heh. I heard Obama break out the CS a couple of weeks ago and wondered if that was an intentional nyah-nyah.

Does she look that demented throughout?

Bible Spice looks a little gaunt. Must be that Atkin’s style diet of only eating endangered species.

Wingnut ladies appear to be fleeing the tea party convention in droves! Will Palin suddenly find she is scheduled to wash her hair that day too?

The problem is, Betty, Bible Spice already spent the dough on Bump-its and curling irons.

I think Palin will stay, now that she won’t have to share the spotlight with Bachmann.

Also, ca$h money.

It will be hilarious if Caribou Barbie bails on the Teabagger convention.

Is any awesome person out there willing to do even a partial transcript or even pulling out a couple of tidbits? I simply can’t listen to her speak any more. I’m not exaggerating to be a smartass: it’s a real physical revulsion to the gulping and the shrieking.

@ Comrade M:

Palin, in response to Greta’s “what did you think in a word? query:

In a word, lecture, ah, i think there was quite a bit of lecturing not only in that as opposed to Governor McDonnell’s follow up comments where the quite inspiring his connection with the people he absolutely gets it he understands….

That’s as much of the beginning as I could stand listening to. Just take every gerund in the English language, throw ‘em in a Salad Shooter, and you’ll have a basic idea of the rest. I think I’d rather chug Drano than be her official transcriptionist.

It’s a Moosesplosion.

To me she doesn’t look anorexic so much as Botoxed to within an inch of her life. 

Murdoch and Ailes (of all people) have a really preposterous Hollywood/porn appearance standard for female on-air personalities—remember, Greta van Susteren had been successful on TV for years with a fairly ordinary face, but then Fox hired her away and the first thing that happened was massive plastic surgery. I don’t think nature is responsible for the looks of Gretchen Carlson, either. 

The Mooseketeer hasn’t really had time since her book tour for a real nip-‘n’-tuck, but I think she’s rockin’ some botulinum.

Comment by Steve M. on 01/28/10 at 02:23 PM

Bless you, Betty Cracker, for enduring the pain and giving me my daily moment of WT fucking F.

It’s a Moosesplosion.

Zandar FTW!

And remember—for a mere $549 you can be there when she drops more pearls of wisdom at the “Tea Party” “Convention”.  But hey—raging stupidity is proof you’re one of us.

for a mere $549 you can be there when she drops more pearls of wisdom at the “Tea Party” “Convention”.

Said Convention is starting to look pretty shaky.

At least Palin got half her speaking fee up front - she may have some trouble getting the rest.

i am just annoyed at how she STILL gets called governor, after she quit. please go away, scary lady. i hope the ratings are plummetting whenever she talks, so we may be rid of her idiocy that much sooner.

Don’t sweat it, Malcolm. She’s losing a lot of fans because of her RINO endorsements and her eagerness to be co-opted by big money from The Powers That Be.

She used to be nothing but a catch-phrase and a wink. But now that Obama’s stolen her “common sense” mojo, she’s going to have to work that left eye until her face cramps up.

Thanks for the link, marindenver.  “Baseball card tycoon” is now my new favorite phrase.

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