Fap’n Furious

I’ve paid scant attention to the “Fast and Furious” furor for one simple reason: There’s an inverse relationship between an issue’s importance and the ferocity of the wingnut circle jerk surrounding it. The details of the case sound vaguely fucked up in the sense that it’s generally a bad idea to supply vicious criminals with powerful weapons, and it sucks that innocent people ended up dying when the criminals predictably used those weapons.

The whole sorry episode sounds like a textbook case of blowback, and you could find countless examples by examining bone-headed initiatives undertaken by any number of large organizations, be they public or private sector. The CIA’s weaponization of Osama bin Laden is just one such example.

But had I paid more attention, it might have occurred to me to wonder why the wingnuts were wanking so frantically over a case involving gunplay, as if that were a bad thing. (I mean, aside from the fact that both the President and the Attorney General are not white.) Now I get it:

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The clip is about 18 minutes long but worth watching in its entirety if you haven’t seen it. It’s perhaps also worth noting that the lunatic who pulled this whole “Fast and Furious is a ploy to gut the Second Amendment” conspiracy straight out of his ass, “Fox News expert” Mike Vanderboegh, is indeed a pinwheeling-eyed crazy person who has authored McVeigh-wannabe fap-fiction that would make the writer of “The Turner Diaries” blush.

“Fox News expert” Mike Vanderboegh is such a compelling author of militia fap-fiction that he inspired a pack of brainless, gun-fondling crackpots to hatch an anti-government terrorist plot late last year. The plot was foiled by the fact that the four plotters had only around a teaspoonful of brains between them.

You will likely be unsurprised to learn, as I did, that this gubmint hatin’ Anwar al-Awlaki to the white sheet set has time to produce fap-fiction for gun-fondlers and inspire members of the US House of Representatives to waste millions of tax payer dollars on paranoid wingnut gun control fantasies because he receives a monthly government disability check. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

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Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Ha, I love how the poll over there about whether or not he’s a hypocrite came out 80/20 that he was.

I saw some stuff about the wingers’ krazee “it was all a plot to take our guns away” fantasies a day or so ago.  Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more paranoid, hysterical and victimized they go and crank it up to 12.

He’s a guerilla, Betty, a guerilla in the army of hatin’ ‘Murka, ‘cept’in his kind o’ hatin’ is the righteous kind because he’s a-fightin’ the collectivists and the nigg ... commies and such like.

He’s a hero.

This program started in the Bush administration and hundreds of Mexicans were killed.  Then one U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed.  One.

And if that American had not been killed, the screaming from the Reich-wing over all those dead Mexicans:”  <Sound of crickets..>

Funny how the “program started by the Bush administration” angle never gets mentioned in reports, especially Faux Spews reports.

Those guns were innocent and then Barack Obama the kenyan, marxist, anti-American got his hands on them!

This is what they will use to bring articles of impeachment, but, the subscript is the High Crime of “Unforgivable Blackness”.

Sorry… what is “fap?  I must have missed that.

Urban Dictionary has it covered, Thomas.

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