Fear! Sanity! Human Sacrifice! Dogs and Cats Living Together! Mass Hysteria!

This is a sticky open thread for all things related to the Rally That Will Halt the Republican Wave and Roll It Back Out to the Sargasso Sea of Processed American Cultural Cheese That Spawned It.

We have ‘Roasters en route and on the ground already. I’ll be adding news links and updates as they hit the wire. Let’s all join together to pre-emptively re-take America from the babbling yahoos who are trying to take it back from us!



♦  Jon Stewart ponders the deep philosophical ramifications of pissing off a handful of whiny pundits and fans.

♦  Non-comical Liberal activist groups make plans to attend.

♦  Glenn Beck calls Stewart/Colbert rally a “progressive plot.”

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Train ride update: TS scared a visibly uptight, semi-crippled, bearded Kenny Rogers motherfucker running for the “quiet car” because of the yelps he was emitting due to his smelly brown liquid intake. I’m just glad we’ve made it past Baltimore.


Don’t worry—I’ve advised your hotel desk and an Intervention Team is standing by.

Colbert has already confronted his Five Greatest Fears.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 10/29/10 at 06:10 PM

TPM reports that multiple incoming airplanes have been overtaken by ruly mobs of sensible moderates.  So far their only demands have been for taxis and the nearest Starbucks.

We have ‘Roasters en route and on the ground already.

That explains the sense of dread I’ve had all day.

I’m sitting here next to Kevin and ts. Rumble outside of big hunt with Daily Caller in 15

If there’s trouble, don’t ashamed to use the two of them as shields. save yourself.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for James O’Keefe. It’s rumored he plans to infiltrate the rally dressed as a 16-year-old girl who “needs help” getting an illegal abortion “from Obama doctors.” Don’t fall for it.

I like the smell of victory.

I’m with y’all in spirit.  That would be a normally-dressed, bespectacled, non-sign-waving spirit that has no food items pinned to its clothing. ;)

If you see a drunken mid-20’s Irish kid with the Private Pyle haircut from Full Metal Jacket and glasses, that’s my boy NightTrace.  Say hi.  Also, help him up when he’s covered in his own Guinness soaked vomit.

If you see a drunken mid-20’s Irish kid with the Private Pyle haircut from Full Metal Jacket and glasses, that’s my boy NightTrace.  Say hi.  Also, help him up when he’s covered in his own Guinness soaked vomit.

And you haven’t introduced him to your favorite cougar in Chicago? Shame on you, Zandar!

My heart and mind is with the Roasters at the Rally while my body is cleaning my house for the party.

Did I tell you that several of the party-goers declined our invitation BECAUSE THEY’RE GOING TO THE RALLY?

Deep breaths….

Heading down to the Big Thingee.

If you’re reading this, and you’re at the rally, we’re doing an after-rally Happy Hour at Bread&Brew;, 1247 20th St NW, near Dupont Circle Metro.

Hey, I just came up with a rallying cry—cross-posted on my FB page:

“What do we want?”


“When do we want it?”

“As soon as possible, taking into account all the variables present in governing a geographically and ethnically diverse nation with a long history of internal dissent, while also understanding that the legislative process is deliberately designed with several procedural roadblocks that make big sweeping structural changes difficult, particularly in an age when corporate money corrupts and media tend to focus on overnight news cycles and scandals over substantive content!”

For those of us who can’t attend for whatever reason:

There’s a Guardian liveblog from one of the HuffPo buses by Hadley Freeman here.

HuffPo’s own coverage will apparently appear here.

CSpan will be live streaming it later here.

And, of course, Comedy Central will also be streaming it here. (Not sure whether that coverage will be available outside the US, as their shows aren’t available online over here for copyright reasons.)

By all accounts, the place is already mobbed.

Have fun, all, and—by the sound of it—stay warm!

Have fun, all, and—by the sound of it—stay warm!

Yeah—those weak-ass Beck Teabaggers couldn’t handle coming out in colder weather!

For fits and giggles, the ever-vigilant Newsbusters is already trampling this season’s harvest of sour grapes:

Major Media Far More Interested in Jon Stewart’s Rally Than Glenn Beck’s

Journalists are practically giddy in anticipation of this weekend’s Jon Stewart rally on the National Mall. The Rally’s staff has recieved more than 1,000 requests for press credentials for the event. Only 400 were given out.

Those statistics underscore just how much the media loves Stewart’s leftist message (and it is a leftist message). For some perspective, consider that the September 12, 2010 Tea Party on the Mall received roughly 150 requests for press credentials, according to FreedomWorks, which sponsored the event.
In short, media interest in the Stewart event absolutely dwarfs its interest in either the 9/12 Tea Party event or the “Restoring Honor” rally.

Coverage at the respective events will be a dramatic indicator of a double standard in media coverage of political rallies. But even the coverage leading up to the rallies has demonstrated that double standard.
How to account for the discrepancy? Stewart and Beck get comparable ratings levels - roughly 1.9 million viewers for their live programs, on average (in fact, Beck reaches a much larger audience when his radio listenership is included). No honest and accurate assessment could confidently claim turnout this weekend will be any better than it was for Beck’s rally (which drew an estimated 300,000 attendees).


To the extent that Stewart is television’s embodiment of the so-called “professional left,” Beck can fairly be presented as cable TV’s Tea Party anchor. So in that sense Stewart is the diametric opposite of Beck.

And indeed, that is how the “Rally to Restore Sanity” was billed: as a counter-punch to Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally (hence the emphasis on restoration). These are the two camps of political punditry. The mainstream media has clearly picked sides.

The comments are just splendid. They fully expect you to trash the Mall. And it’s time for a little pre-rally perspective:

Submitted by MidAmerica on Fri, 10/29/2010 - 18:51.

The difference between Beck and Stewart is both fundemental and profound.  It is a divide I have seen all my life.  On the one hand are the serious and responsible and on the other side are the perpetually youthful and irresponsible.  One side has serious adults like Beck, Rush, Palin, Hannity, etc.  The other side has Stewart, Maher, Bahar, Griffin, and a whole host of foul mouth ‘comedians’ speaking for the Leftists.

A few more backup links if those above don’t hit the spot.

On Twitter, you can follow The Daily Show hashtag #Rally4Sanity here.

The Rally To Restore Fear/Sanity’s own site is here.

The Washington Post has live coverage later here.

MSNBC’s coverage is here.

[h/t jefferson_dem at DU]

And you can follow Kevin K’s twitterings from the rally here.

Comedy Central is airing the whole thing live starting at noon eastern.

It actually hadn’t occurred to me until this morning how much this event was going to piss off the Teatards.  I’m going to enjoy it ever so much more now.

Dang, I wish I could be there! Allan, I’m with you. I’ve always thought mocking was a much more powerful antidote to wingnuttery than, like, trying to explain why the GOP is evil, pure and simple, from the 8th dimension. They don’t care; it’s why they’re teabaggers in the first place. But laugh at them? Drives ‘em nuts. Good.

Well, so far the music is much better than Beck’s rally music.

This just started and it’s already 100 TIMES MORE IMPORTANT than Glenn Beck’s Anger-Fest in August!

It’s good to see some REAL AMERICANS enjoing ACTUAL FUCKING AMERICAN MUSIC that wasn’t written for a hog-roast or a marching band.

Plus, our people dress well and are quite attractive, in general.

Kevin’s posted quite a lot of pictures already. Wow-he must really be there. Wish I were too; the nearest motel I could find was in Altoona.

Be sane for me, guys!

Comedy Central’s live feed does work outside the US. YAY!

Looking good. And despite the wingnut prayers, no torrential rain.

This is the most patriotic gathering I’ve ever seen. It makes me proud to be a relatively balanced person who isn’t entirely defined by my free-floating angst and childhood neuroses.

The live broadcast in HD is really quite staggering.  The “waves” must have broken many Teatard hearts. Verklempt for the National Anthem. Loving this long time.

They certainly are packed in-not a lawn chair in sight. These hearty, vibrant multiply-hued Patriots are just what the country needs! The heart swelletheth.

I can see all of you on my computer box machine!

Except for Jimmy Dildoes.  Has he shown up with his super secret spy camera yet?

(Captcha is “public69”. There is a god.)

Strange is at the rally? 

Oh, no, its Ozzie Osbourne.

Gimme, I thought the same thing! I had to check myself to make sure I was still here.

That was pretty cool to see Yusuf there. I just watched a recent doc about his life and him coming back into the spotlight - what a perfect get for Stewart/Colbert. I really liked that sketch. I loved the seismic stuff, too.

That was pretty cool to see Yusuf there.

Ballsy stuff. And an astounding set-piece that could have gone really wrong, but worked exactly right. Beck is somewhere weeping in a toilet.

Just a preemptive Memeorandum snippet of early reactions from the usual suspects:

Darleen Click / protein wisdom:  Democrats have nothing but FEAR to run on ...
theblogprof:  Irony: “Rally to Restore Sanity” …
Hope Yen / Associated Press:  Thousands drawn to Stewart-Colbert ‘sanity’ rally
Skippy / skippy the bush kangaroo:  rally ‘round the comics, boys
Aaron Worthing / Patterico’s Pontifications:  This Rally is Brought to You by Citizen’s United
Jim Hoft / Gateway Pundit:  150,000 Turn Out for Rally to Lame Restore Sanity & Socialism Rally …
Smitty / The Other McCain:  You Must Be Having Me On. Oh, Wait: We’re Talking About The Left
Kenneth R. Bazinet / NY Daily News:  Arianna Huffington paying for 10,000 New Yorkers’ buses to Jon …
Publius / Big Government:  Live Blog: Jon Stewart’s Mock-The-People Anti-Beck Rally
Dan / Riehl World View:  Fear And Loathing At WadStock
Confederate Yankee:  Rally to Restore Corduroy Now Underway
Richard Pollock / Pajamas Media:  My Ordeal with Jon Stewart and His ‘Cone of Silence’ Event

Michael Goldfarb has already tweeted his shock at the appearance by Yusuf Islam.

As a staunch non-American (and countryman of Yusuf), I second this comment:

Michael and Sarah,
I join hundreds of thousands of true American patriots today in telling you to STFU.

“Mock the People” Rally? What arethose thousands of life-forms doing the Wave down there, exactly? Some kind of satiric jellyfish colony?

Freepers aren’t liking this, because it doesn’t have enough hate and Jesus in it.

We do have more flags than Beck, though.

Great line from one of the usual Suspects:

I just didn’t think that many people would show.

What’s even more surprising is that they are STAYING.

Weird, how many people will attend a rally that mocks extremism.

Freepers aren’t liking this, because it doesn’t have enough hate and Jesus in it.

To: kristinn

The White College Kids Gone Wild rally.

Heh. There was more ethnic diversity on stage than there was in the Beck rally crowd!

Politico put up a photo from Beck’s event. One guess what the only thing the rightists will be spewing from their faceholes tomorrow.

Sure, yuck it up, fauxgressives.

Notice a trend serious activists & serious journalists dislike Stewart Rally while tabloid bloggers &non; activists love it? Anyone agree?

I have noticed that trend, come to think of it. Another trend I’ve noticed? The unironic use of “serious” as a modifier being such a guaranteed red flag for douchebaggery that I half-expect a bull branded with the Summer’s Eve logo to come charging in.

Comment by gil mann on 10/30/10 at 03:53 PM

To be fair, Mike Elk never really loved the rally.

Well, not after they refused to grant him press credentials, anyway.

Olbermann had a virtual meltdown on Twitter over being shown in the cable news hysteria clips at the rally.


Very sad actually.  People who’ve been saying he takes himself too seriously are proven true.

I understand people’s cries of “false equivalency” comparing Olbermann (and Ed Schutlz), but for anyone to claim they can’t be fear-mongering and shrill at times is not facing reality.

To be fair, Mike Elk never really loved the rally.

Well, not after they refused to grant him press credentials, anyway.

Mike Elk needs to calm down. He makes less sense than Anne Elk and her theory on the Brontosaurus.

Gimme, Keith’s the shit on balance, but whenever I start giving him too much credit, I remind myself that he went right along with the rest of the media in condemning Colbert’s carpet-bombing of Bush and the WHPC. He brought on Chris Matthews and his toss was—no shit—“Chris, why was he so bad?”

He was playing the money clips by the end of the week, so I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one of his viewers that wrote in to bitch.

As for Ed Schultz, I dunno, man. Theoretically, I could watch that show, but I wouldn’t know where to find the necessary Clockwork Orange prop.

I drove down but the lack of parking and the lines (hundreds) of people waiting to get into the closest metro station made me decide to go home and watch via streaming video.Other friends drove into DC and parked about 15 minutes away. I really liked Jon’s speech at the end and really the artist that used to be Cat Stevens, Ozzy, the O’Jays, Cheryl Crow, one of the Staple singers and Tony Bennet - too cool

He makes less sense than Anne Elk and her theory on the Brontosaurus.

LMAO! One of my faves.

Hi, folks, sorry for the lack of reporting. Stewart and Colbert basically broke DC. None of us had cell service, getting out of there was hell and the metro was more jammed than anything I’ve seen in NYC. And, yes, I am so glad I did it and had a hell of a time. Got lots of great pics and will post them tomorrow night. Chilling out in the hotel, but heading out later with TS and probably Rob Lanham.

P.S. Peter Daou humorless emo tool.

Congratulations, KK! I’m genuinely regretting not being there, but I’ve pretty much talked myself into not hating you forever.

Try not to get arrested, and be safe getting home. A lot of people are really pissed off because you degenerate Liberals mocked Freedom and God today, and made an old man sing “America the Beautiful.”

Very ugly out in Wingnuttia right now, Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t know the handshake.

Thx, Strange. It was fun hanging with that many cool, nice, smart and funny people. Today was the first day I was proud to be an American.

Ha ha.

Q. Is it possible to overdose on fun?
A. Yes. The adulterated Gatorade may have enhanced the experience. Not sure.

Also 2: I think I love Colbert more than Stewart. Sorry Jon!

Also 3: A preview of old age for you: It’s almost 9 and the only thing I can think of is bed.

Good night America!

P.S. Peter Daou humorless emo tool.

Saw that via a link on the Guardian live-blog, thought to myself “if I have to pass this along to Rumproast, somebody over there be slippin’, yo.”

In his defense, he’s not exactly an outlier. His take seems to be the lefty CW from what I’ve seen so far.

Great P.J. O’Rourke quote from back when such things existed: “Liberals want jokes to have a ‘meaning,’ to ‘make a point.’ But laughter is involuntary and points are not.” He’s been proven wrong in the 20 years since, but only by Stewart and Colbert, so I’m chalking it up to “exception that proves the rule” over “failed hypothesis.”

p.s. Soon as I figure out how to keep my dog from shaking the sneaker off his head, my costume is gonna be SO FUCKING WIN.

I am now in a Georgetown restaurant. TS is watching YouTube videos of humans being assaulted by chimps. My beef is braided in Guinness. The end?

Great P.J. O’Rourke quote from back when such things existed

1972 was a great year.

For those who want the numbers, CBS hired the same aerial survey outfit that set the Beck rally attendance at 87,000, and they reckon if you were at today’s rally, you were one of 215,000 people (+/- 10%).

This obviously doesn’t include people holed up in DC bars etc. because they couldn’t get close enough to the action.

Shorter Daou: “Why do these professional comedians have to keep reminding me of how unfunny, dumb, and ineffectual I am as a “serious” politico?”

Also, when it comes to defining “aimless and unfunny,” I guess I have to defer to the guy who signed off on the Sopranos spoof for HRC’s site—in between pretending not to notice that HillaryHub was linking to that racist cesspool known as No Quarter.

Shit, if Daou and Penn had figured out how to turn out an aggregate total of caucus voters in key states/districts to match what Stewart and Colbert did today, things might have turned out differently in 2008.

1972 was a great year

Like Jon said, “I’ll go, then you give an ass-smack.”

I like these little vignettes that warm my dark and cynical heart (and make me happyweepy if I’m exhausted and/or drunk):

Sent to TPM:

This reader account of the Rally4Sanity jumped out from the many we received:

We were about a third of the way back, and part of the pre-rally entertainment was watching people trying to climb the trees near the American History Museum.

One young woman had considerable trouble climbing, despite standing on outstretched hands. It was still too far to reach the lowest branch.

All of the sudden, somebody passed over something that extended the reach of those below and gave her the extra boost she needed: his prosthetic leg. Standing on a prosthetic leg held high above the head of one of the people below, she was able to make it up.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 10/31/10 at 05:43 PM

Standing on a prosthetic leg held high above the head of one of the people below, she was able to make it up.

We saw this too.  All of a sudden there was a lot of cheering and when we looked over she had finally made it up.  I didn’t know that it was a prosthetic leg though :-) 

It was a very happy/polite crowd.  When Cat/Yusuf came on stage and started singing Peace Train, all the older hippies around us got teary eyed. That whole part was really funny.

David Kurtz at TPM had some follow-up on the prosthetic-leg dude:

...Yesterday TPM Reader JZ sent me a message on Facebook to say he was FB friends with the guy. JZ agreed to put us in touch, and I’ve emailed back and forth with the good Samaritan, whose name is Alan. Here’s his account

This is how it happened (because believe it or not, I do not do this for strangers every day).

Several friends and I had managed to park ourselves under a tree in front of the West Wing of the National Art Gallery for maybe twenty minutes when we looked around. I saw a young girl (Liz, as I later learned) attempting to scale the bark. I was a decent climber in my bipedal years, and know the difficulties of handholds, toeholds, and flaky surfaces. So at first I wished her well and thought no more of it. After all, there was much to see and hear, and I had—personifying the urgency of sanity’s restoration—worn only shorts and a t-shirt.

Liz was held up, through no fault of her own. The bark was uncooperative, supporting hands could only stretch out for so long, and she would have benefited from being just a little bit taller.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess Liz’s tenacity bought enough time to chase the thought “what can this metal thing do if it’s pointed up instead of down?” to its logical conclusion. Amputees are often faced with what they cannot do (I don’t climb much anymore). Yet in this situation, who else there could actually physically spare up to a foot and a half? Call it inspiration; call it Providence; call it dehydration. In my defense, I did not grow up to the echoes of my parents shouting, “your leg is not a tool!” There is no book or wise old man on being an amputee.

I lost my leg five and a half years ago to osteosarcoma, a pernicious cancer/supreme sonofabitch with a penchant for the 10-30 demographic. It was a bitter bargain for a shot at a real future. In the years since, my prosthesis has been many things. It has been a spectacle for Jordanian children on the beach in Aqaba, a first class ticket to extra screening at the airport, a source of wisdom and perspective, and a guarantor of good parking.

Prior to Saturday, it has never served someone else better than me. It was always possible, but never probable. So maybe it was inevitable. Liz looked very happy when she got up there, and her family was very nice to us. On a day dedicated to calling out for the restoration of sanity, common sense and common decency, sometimes all that’s needed is a little boost.

PS: Liz’s Mom (she and I swapped emails afterwards) tracked down this video (0:26). You can kind of see it (towards the middle of the screen, to the right of the tree).

And in an update, DK provides a better video (0:59).

Comment by meepmeep09 on 11/03/10 at 01:19 AM
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