Feminist Fun Fact #28

If you’re a female Democrat and you plan on voting for McCain if Obama is the nominee just to be spiteful, you are not a feminist, so please stop pretending to be one. It’s embarrassing.

In addition, your uterus has asked me to tell you it hates you.

This concludes today’s feminist fun fact.

Posted by Kevin K. on 03/28/08 at 06:49 AM • Permalink

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As a feminist of sorts I can’t thank you enough for posting that. My uterus loves you.

Well, Hillary’s uterus would hate me for supporting Obama, but sadly, it got shot off in Bosnia.

Thanks, Debbie and Betty, I just fell in love with you all over again.  “...shot off in Bosnia”  Too funny.

kevin you are a master genius
and, may I say, a feminist

and - at that point, can a person still consider herself a democrat…? (sigh)

I think Kevin’s just a woman, a very muscular woman with fake facial hair.  But, if you ever hear him scream when he messes up his lipstick, then you’ll really know.



Whew! This place is a relief after reading Shakesville. Every thread turns into a poison-spewing hatefest over there. They all claim that they aren’t Hillary supporters, they’re just against Woman Bashing. See, the press hates Hillary because she’s well, you know: a woman. Never mind her crappy campaign.

I like a place with a sense of humor. And I like Obama. So I like it here.

I hear ya Donna. It’s become a bit too much out there. I’m more than ready to nestle into a fart joke or two.

Can’t we all just get along?

I have a husband, father, and three sons. Fart jokes? I could write them.

Well, get on it then.  ;)

Hey, donnah! Yeah, I stopped by Shakesville yesterday for the first time ever via Tom Watson’s joint and, good christ, there’s a whole lotta stupid going on over there (and not, as you noted, a lot of humor). This post (and Melissa’s rabid defense of it in the comments) made my teeth ache. As I said at Watson’s blog, “She could find sexism in a snowflake.”

I was visiting and posting there for a while. I guess it was generic enough for me and offered some insights into a more feminist outlook. But they go so over the top that it hurts. When you totally lose your sense of humor and balance, every issue becomes too huge to bear.

I will submit a tasteless story about what my dad used to do when I was a kid. He’d go to a grocery and “let one” in an aisle where shoppers were coming along, and then wait at the end of the aisle to catch their expressions of disgust. Yep, that’s what I grew up with.

I actually knew someone in college who did pretty much the same thing as your dad. I have no idea what happened to him.  He’s probably CEO of a huge corporation.

Wow, I just saw that Melissa is cross-posting at the looney bin that is No Quarter. Jeepers. So I guess it’s cool to hang with racists when you’re battling sexism. Anything for the cause.

Hypocrite seems to be her middle name. In several of the comment threads on her site, she has stated that she has not decided whom she will choose between Hillary and Obama. Clearly by posting on No Quarter, where the Obama-hate is palpable and downright blatant, I don’t think it’s much of a mystery whom she’s going to vote for.

Sigh. Guess I’ll just come here more often, where humor and common sense hang out. Even if I’m not from Brooklyn.

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