FL Election Officials Declared Rick Scott Dead, Ineligible to Vote


He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named told a Florida radio station that he was mistakenly dropped from the voter rolls in 2006 on account of being dead. This forced the future purchaser of the Florida governorship to cast a provisional ballot. Luckily,  Voldemort future Governor Scott was later able to produce an intact Horcrux driver’s license as proof of life, so his votes counted.

The Dark Lord Governor Scott contends that if he could produce a Magickal Object ID to secure his right to vote, then by god, so can all those US citizens who are being jettisoned from the rolls in the Great Voter Purge of 2012. So shut up.

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I’m sure someone somewhere in the Wide World of Sports mentioned that his story doesn’t actually prove his point; he was thought to be ineligible inappropriately. Now, if he was actually dead and voted anyway….

Although, come to think of it, there are oodles of people who have also felt Rick Scott’s pain—they were taken off the rolls on suspicion of being felons (unlike Scott, who, um, has not been taken off the voter roll for suspicion of being a felon, for some reason.) Hmm.

I’m thinking Rick Scott being undead would explain a few things.

You mean he’s not dead - what was I thinking?

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