FL Gov. Rick Scott to test “Crazification Factor”


He’s only been in office for about six months, but Governor (P)Rick Scott of Florida has hit rock bottom, besting near-universally loathed assholes like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Ohio’s John Kasich and Illinois’ Pat Quinn to grab the nation’s most unpopular governor title. How pathetic is Scott? He’s down to 29% approval, which is well within the Crazification Factor margin of error.

Like I said, he’s only been governor for six months! The Scott Administration may offer an important test for the Crazification Factor, which holds that approximately 27% to 29% of Americans (and perhaps people worldwide, I dunno) are either batshit crazy or so irrational and indifferent to their own interests that they might as well be. Think Bush dead-enders, hardcore Palinites, Alan Keyes voters. That crazy.

Since we’ve got three and a half years left under Scott and he’s probably not going to suddenly stop acting like an imperious, greedy, compassion-free asshole, we’ll get to see how the Crazification Factor theory holds up. If Scott’s approval ratings sink even lower, it could have far-reaching implications for brain-injury regeneration and psychosis recovery research.

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Is there a recall option in Florida?

Unfortunately, no. There’s a GOP super-majority in our legislature, so even though Republicans hate Scott’s guts too, there is little chance of enacting a recall mechanism now. They may despise Scott, but the GOP isn’t interested in bringing their own guy down, even if he brings the state down on his way out.

The only upside of the horrible, horrible Scott debacle is that it will probably help Obama’s reelection chances down here and ruin the GOP brand statewide.

Ah, Republicans.  Always willing to sink the ship as long as it denies an elected office to a Democrat, even if it would only potentially happen.

Republicans hate Scott’s guts too

Really?  Why?  Seriously.  Since when do Republicans (especially in FL) have standards?  I am sincerely asking.

(And believe me, the necessity to say “I am sincerely asking” is a small price to pay for all the snark-fun and hijinx at this and similar sites.)

You would know better than I, Betty, but I would have thought that the crazies are over-represented in Florida. If that is true, then he has already lost some of that demographic, although the remainder thereof would probably dismess them as “CINOs.”

So Scott will be looking to boost his approval ratings? I see.


Your attention please: All Florida residents and visitors who who are not upper class, str8, Caucasian males need to LEAVE THE STATE NOW.

I just came to say that picture made me laugh.
Apparently I am twelve.

RE: Republican hate for Scott:

Dems and Reps alike are still angry about Scott spurning $2B+ in high-speed rail money when we’ve got double-digit unemployment. They took the unprecedented step of working together to go around him and collect the money, to no avail.

GOP state senators are riled up about Scott’s imperial style of governing.

He lost the cops.

Only 51% of state Republicans approve of the job he’s doing. Republicans!

Scott thinks the Tea Party is the only constituency he has to appease. The state GOP is starting to see what a disaster he could be for them. This is anecdotal, but all of my wingnut relatives have turned on Scott too. The state GOP is right to be worried, I think.

But moist of what he’s done wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiastic support of the lege, no?

He might not be up for reëlection anytime soon, but now is the time to remind people he’ll have much less power if they vote against all Republicans.

When I saw the picture, I had a flashback to Richard Sanders playing Les Nessman’s mother on WKRP.

@ MikeJ—actually, he won with less than 50% of the vote and with less enthusiasm than is generally believed. Scott had the truly enthusiastic support only of the brain-dead, mouth-breathing teatard idiots, who are a small percentage of the total. But them plus the people who will reflexively vote for anything with an “R” after its name (honey badgers included) was enough to squeak by.

I think a couple of things were at play in putting a hardcore wingnut into office in a state that is generally less wingnutty than, say, South Carolina: 1) Dems were less than enthused by our bankster candidate. 2) A lot of people couldn’t be arsed to vote because they didn’t really think a crook like Scott would actually WIN.

I’ll admit I didn’t see it coming either (though I wasn’t stupid enough to sit the election out). The guy is such an obvious crook. But the momentum was all with the GOP in 2010, and we’ll be paying for it down here long after Scott has been tossed from office. (sigh)

I’m with Dave S.

When you consider that Crazification averages 27-29% nationwide, and how certain markers of Crazification, such as Republicanism, can vary across the nation by state and region, I also too believe that Scott’s already lost about… 27-29% of the Crazies.

Think of it as the Crazification Pareto Principle.

Whoa, I had no idea Rick Scott’s mom was Mama from Mama’s Family! (Scroll down to see the pick. Uncanny.) Though that could explain a lot…

Comment by J. on 06/21/11 at 03:26 PM

Hey, ease up on Pat Quinn! He did sign the bill outlawing the death penalty and he signed off on civil unions, so for a post-Blago-pigfuck guy, he’s doing okay.

second oblomova re; quinn. not even in the same league as the rest of the rust belt rednecks.

I won’t say Quinn is the most charismatic or visionary guy—but by IL governor standards, he’s doing okay. And much like Obama, he inherited a rats-nest to unravel.

You guys are right. I should have given a shout-out to Snyder of Michigan instead. Mea culpable.

Betty, this is just for you.

“Mea CULPABLE?” Really, iPhone auto-correct? Sheesh….

The Crazification Pareto Principle defines the point at which a politician can no longer say crazy things that gain at least one crazy for each crazy he loses.

Yeah, I figured you meant Snyder. He and Walker give me scrapie. I don’t mind plain old corrupt grifters (well, I do - but I understand them, being from Chicago), but the fact that those guys won statewide office in my neighboring Great Lakes purple-states-that-have-been-mostly-blue-in-recent-elections makes me sad. Leave the crazies to Indiana. And fuck you, Mitch Daniels.

Comment by Oblomova on 06/22/11 at 10:07 AM
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