Take-Ball-Go-Homers & Florida: The Truth About Cat Ladies and Frauds

Florida’s Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller (left), profile in porridge

Now that the Hillshills will be elevating (good fucking luck with that)  the thoroughly disingenuous Steve “Better Get a Bucket” Geller to sainthood for filing a lawsuit against the DNC, this video needs to be embedded on every pro-Obama blog today:

More from the creators at The Jed Report.

UPDATE: Floridian Betty Cracker has a great post up about this debacle here.



Posted by Kevin K. on 05/23/08 at 09:16 AM • Permalink

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Hey, Betty, are there any good all-in-one sources listing how this all went down?

Actually, your post is source-y enough for me.  Job well done.

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