Food prøn: Granny Cracker’s fried pork chops


If you don’t dig on swine or have cholesterol issues, kindly avert your eyes from the above photo and do not read this recipe. These pork chops are fried—so help me god!—in a combination of bacon grease and Crisco.


—Pork chops
—Garlic powder


Fry a pound of bacon in a large skillet for breakfast. Save the grease. Add a dollop or two of Crisco to achieve a fat-depth in the skillet of about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch (depending on the thickness of your chops—the grease should be deep enough so they’ll be half submerged). Heat to medium-high.

Place dry ingredients in paper bag. Rinse chops in water, place ‘em in the bag and shake vigorously. Add coated chops to skillet and fry until golden brown on both sides.

While the chops are frying, dump the flour mixture into the trash and flatten the paper bag to serve as a grease-draining platform for the chops once they’re cooked.

Serve with whatever fixings you like. These chops were consumed with steamed fresh green beans tossed with a little Italian dressing.

PS: This sort of cooking earned me my nickname—and subsequent internet pseudonym—from my elitist New Yorker husband.

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I’m going to cook this tomorrow and UPS it to Ground Zero!

O.M.G.  Chicken fried pork chops, I declare.  As fab as they sound I’d probably better not - not sure Obamacare covers self induced heart attacks. 

But do tell what the gravy is made of.  When my mom made fried chicken like this she’d save the shaking flour to make a rich gray in the drippings.  Actually it’s a wonder my siblings and I lived this long!

These pork chops are fried—so help me god!—in a combination of bacon grease and Crisco.

I am in love. Marry me, before the infarct.


Food prøn, oh hells yes it is!


@ Marindenver—making the gravy with the flour shakings is a fine idea. I always use the drippings mixed with a little water and corn starch, though. For some reason, I seem to have better luck with cornstarch than flour as a thickener.

I couldn’t help myself. I read the recipe. I fell in love. I peeked at the photo, and my heart exploded.

Oooh, I bet that’d be good with red-eye gravy…

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