For That Price, There’d Better Be Full Dental

On Thursday’s NBC Nightly News, Kelly O’Donnell reported that the Democratic healthcare reform bill was expected to cost $900 trillion over the next ten years—a figure that was only off by, oh, three orders of magnitude. (Actual “talking” figure: $900 billion and change.)

Heart attack-inducing graphic appears at the :09 mark. H/T to Mrs. Polly for the headline.

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Evidently the same statisticians who computed eighteen million cracks for that failed candidate for president. And calculated Leno’s ratings, apparently.

NBC News has corrected it on the Web site, without noting the error, of course. They just plopped in a new graphic and voiceover.

I was a TV journalist, and this is just shoddy work on the part of NBC News. How did this package get through a reporter, producer, tape editor, and who knows how many other editors NBC Nightly News should have? It’s not so much that O’Donnell made an error…anyone can make an error…it’s that so many experienced people missed it, including the highly esteemed Brian Williams.

Of course, if O’Donnell, or an editor or producer had bothered to do their jobs and placed the bogus $900 trillion/10 years in context, they would have figured out immediately that it is an impossible number.

The report is also b.s., but what else is new.

This kind of stuff is exactly why I don’t watch TV news anymore.

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