For the love of God, Hayden! Please ponder the implications


It’s time to strip the Obama sticker off my car… To be clear: I’ll support Obama down the road against Sarah Palin, Lou Dobbs or any of the pitchfork carriers for the pre-Obama era. But no bumper sticker until the withdrawal strategy is fully carried out.

—Tom Hayden

As previously noted, Digby pointed out the absurdity of reading Obama’s Afghanistan policy as a “betrayal” here. But the bumper sticker comment is worth calling out on its own because it’s a textbook example of the type of self-important nincompoopery that invariably has the exact opposite effect its practitioners intend. And it illustrates why it’s so easy for politicians, media figures, etc., to ignore lefty issues.

It’s not just starry-eyed Obama supporters like Hayden (who apparently never understood Obama’s policies to begin with); it’s so-called feminists who back wingnut loons like Bachmann and Palin solely because they’re women. It’s health care reform advocates who make a career of gnashing their teeth and rending their garments because single-payer was taken off the table. 

It’s the motley assortment of the professionally aggrieved who keep Café Press in business. You name the issue, and there will be a small but vocal contingent that functions as our own corollary to the ridiculous teabagger movement.

There’s plenty to be dissatisfied about with the Obama administration. I disagree with the Afghanistan strategy and outlined the speech I thought he should give two months ago. I think Obama himself has been inexcusably apathetic about LGBT issues. I think he should replace Tim Geithner with Elizabeth Warren—yesterday.

But acting like a puling toddler over it isn’t going to help, and neither is going into the discussion on false assumptions as Hayden did. Just sayin.

BTW, if you Google “Geithner,” the third search term is TIMOTHY GEITHNER JEWISH. I don’t know about y’all, but I get the feeling, as we fiddle down the avenue in our smoldering empire, that the woods are filled with some truly crazy, dangerous people. That’s another reason to shut the fuck up about goddamn bumper stickers already.

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In solidarity with Tom, while I will continue to wear assorted Obama gear, when I do it will be worn with irony.

While I agree with the President’s strategy, to show solidarity with Allan, I’ll continue to keep my Obama bumper sticker while noting the possible existence of irony.

I am going to create my own Cafe Press bumperstickers and tee-shirts.:

I Voted for Obama and All I Got was Obama

In solidarity with Tom, I will get an Obama bumper sticker, put in on my car, and then peel it off, as soon as I have a car, which may be a while.

That’s how dedicated I am.

And now Sirota whining away on Twitter:

Obamabots who say “O just keeping Afghan campaign promise” - wheres ur voice abt broken NAFTA, PatriotAct, Gitmo prmises? Silence=sycophancy

The Corruption of the “Left”: Bush is a warmonger for starting Afghan war, Obama is a Nobel peacemaker for escalating that war. Makes sense.

I’m feeling Distance Brave today. Think I’ll demand someone other than me go 7000 miles away and kill themselves for some crazy ideas.

and so on in that vein.

Sirota, et al: Name a true progressive who has ever been elected to the presidency. Here’s a hint: You. Can’t!

Well said, Betty Cracker, well said!

You’re all mad because he’s taking his bumper sticker off his car? Think that might lead to Tom’s formerly Democratic neighbors losing enthusiasm and voting for Mitt Romney in ‘12?

Yes, Captain Comprehension: My point is that the threat of bumper sticker removal is a clear and present danger that will lead directly to President Romney being sworn in by the Angel Moroni on the Mormon bible, followed by the outlawing of liquor, Mountain Dew and cigarettes. Apres bumper stickers, le deluge, in other words.

I Voted for Obama and All I Got was Obama

Dear entire blogosphere: whatever point you were about to make has been rendered unnecessary. Feel free to knock off early and start fresh tomorrow.

May I huddle here for a little shelter from the PUMA hordes presently electing the chimera PalioRomney. Thank you. It’s raining stoopid outside, and unsafe at any speed./

You’re all mad because he’s taking his bumper sticker off his car?

No, darling. we’re not mad.  We’re amused.

If you want to see mad, have you met my little friend Oblomova?

Think that might lead to Tom’s formerly Democratic neighbors losing enthusiasm and voting for Mitt Romney in ‘12?

Are they the same ones who voted for Ahnoold in ‘03?


O.K. I can’t say this is the dumbest fucking pout bout I’ve ever seen, but it’s at least 5 on the list.

I don’t get mad. I get stabby.

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