Former Romney Advisor Has New Career

Via Rawstory, it looks like Bay Buchanan, former Romney campaign spox, has canned punditry for real estate:

Just two days after the election, Buchanan started an online real estate course and recently became a sales associate for McEnearney Associates Inc. in McLean, Va.

“Being somebody that they kind of know will be a real positive and, as you know, I’m just a charming person,” Buchanan insisted, adding that “compared to what I did in the past, this is an easy sell.”

“It’s so negative and TV is more difficult than ever in the sense that it’s really not an honest debate anymore,” she said of her television talking head days. “I can’t just live my life going on TV and being angry all the time.”

And, well, I’ve got no snark about that. Oh, as a pundit, she was great snarkfodder but it’s kind of nice to think that someone can look at being a tv talking head person and walk away if it actually isn’t fulfilling or useful to them (or anyone else, for that matter). And after looking over Bette’s grand recap of some of the GOP’s post-electoral shenanigans, I shouldn’t wonder if other conservative spokesfolks wouldn’t be thinking of doing something along the same lines. Just as happened shortly after the 2008 election, one expects to see some “serious” pundits (think Frum, Douthat, Brooks), plump for “Conservative smarter”, while seeing bloggerati go for “Conservative harder.”  But the old tricks won’t be unlearned  and there’s no point in message tweaking when it’s the ideas that aren’t hitting it with people.

What’s left isn’t “going Galt” but “going straight”. Not that I’m advising the opposition party in what to do, after all. But I do wish Bay Buchanan luck in her new field, where selling a “fixer-upper” might bear the promise of actually being a fixable commodity.

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Babe, like her brother, only thrived on the fevered fringes of the right wing craziness.  That universe is now being muddied by reality; it is not disappearing but it is gradually being replaced by smoother articulators of the same nonsense.  So Jim De Mint vanishes into the whorehouse of Heritage and Sarah Palin loses her Fox gig.

The GOP crazies are not going away - yet, it’s just they are shifting the cast of characters.  I think Rush is not long for the airwaves, myself (not that I have ever listened to him).

I’ve long been leaning on simple attrition (natural causes) to do away with much of our rw opposition.  I’m pragmatically hopeful. I especially am heartened about things I hear from Rush and Hannity about attrition of listenership.

OK, I’m sorry, but once a grifter, always a grifter.  Darling Bray has just shifted to a new group of marks.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and if so I’ll say so.  But for now I remain skeptical.

It’s so negative and TV is more difficult than ever in the sense that it’s really not an honest debate anymore

I imagine that, by this, she means that she is occasionally being called out for her bullshit.

Don’t these people ever retire?

Pat is a has-been, Bay is 65 and her youngest child is 25, and she has grifted millions over the decades as Pqt’s partner in crime and ugliness.  Maybe she has blown it all already.

The evidence keeps accumulating and “the writing’s on the wall” but these people are ideologues hooked on magical thinking in both their political and religious views.  It is an article of Faith, among them, that they are RIGHT about everything because their opinions are informed by a higher authority.  That’s why lying doesn’t matter—their ends always justify the means.

When BB says

It’s so negative and TV is more difficult than ever in the sense that it’s really not an honest debate anymore

we know she defines “honest debate” as agreement.  Her world cannot admit of any disagreement on the basic principles or interpretation of democracy.

And we are all partly to blame because liberals have spent decades walking on eggshells rather than tread on the rights precious righteousness.  And the longer conservatives were permitted to spout their extremism uncontested, the more entrenched they became.

That brings us to today, when ideological differences are expressed, their whole world goes haywire and we see extreme reactions like: talk of secession, selectively refusing to enforce laws, extreme paranoia, talk of armed insurrection.

To be perfectly honest, I’m amazed that our president has survived to serve a second term and I pray that he makes it through it.

The way I see it, we’re all beyond the point of no return, liberals can no longer cower in fear when extremists demand that we do things their way and conservatives have to accept that the world has changed and they must, as well.

I have trouble believing someone like Bay suddenly had a Ghost of Christmas Past experience about her career as a lying bullshit artist; she’s probably no longer getting enough paid bookings to pay the upkeep on her 1% lifestyle, so she’s had to change her grift.  Real estate for her ‘class’ of folk looks like just the right place for her. 

We are heading into a tough and noisy time, no doubt about it.  Faux and hate radio has groomed a generation of followers who go absolutely ballistic when someone doesn’t agree with them, and they’ve been told for all that time that they were on the winning side of history.  Now that this has been exposed as fairy tales, these authoritarian followers are realizing they have the stink of loserdom on them, and wow do they hate that.  The loserdom quotient is only headed higher. 

As a group, this bunch skews older and well out of the prime advertising demographic, which is a fine way to wake up one day and find yourself culturally irrelevant, especially when your way of interfacing with the rest of the world is as a total asshole.  So yeah, it’s going to get bumpy and we need all hands on deck to sing it loud and sing it proud.  We WILL win.

Who doesn’t trust real estate agents? They’re nearly as revered as lawyers in the honesty department.

Bay Buchanan lamenting that “it’s really not an honest debate any more” is equal to the plea for mercy from the kid who killed his parents, on the grounds that now he’s an orphan.

Shorter me: You’re breakin’ my heart.

And sorry, Vixen, but for every Bay that retires, a dozen will clamor to take her place.  The woodwork is full of bright or semi-bright sociopaths, sharpies, hustlers, and glib liars in their 20s and 30s who will parrot the talking points.  The money’s too good and the work’s too easy for them not to.

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