FOX Mushroom Farm Terrorism Expert Might Be Sorry

There’s something entirely too easy to slam about a “terrorism expert” appearing on Jeanine Pirro’s FOX News program absolutely fudging up a demographic fact like the proportion of Muslim people in Birmingham, UK. The funny old thing is, his particular overestimation of the number of Muslims or immigrants is sort of a weird example of a study done recently regarding the tendency of people to wildly overstate the number of immigrants or Muslims, and understate the number of Christians, in their home nation.

Jeanine Pirro, whose presence on the FOX network utterly obviates the entire concept of “sober as a judge”, devolved into a rant upon the killing of Muslims because they apparently freak her out by existing.  To hear old Jeanine blow it, the 1% of Muslims in the United States have led to the likelihood that the First Amendment will be altered (without congressional ratification?) to somehow not be mean to Muslims, and praying with them is weird and she doesn’t like it. And also—“We need to kill them”.  Nope—listen to it in all its sick glory. She really is hot about genocide.

Now, Steve Emerson is sorry about his comments, and realizes his credibility is in a bit of jeopardy.  Would Jeanine Pirro feel anything like the same thing over her genocidal and ill-informed rant, I wonder? Or even feel that her utter journalistic failure and immoral bigotry against an entire religion sort of disqualifies her from being a judge or you know—a reliable journalist?

Forget it, Jake, it’s FOX Mushroom Farm. She’s doing her real job, don’t you know?

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Pirro will be able to spew unfiltered bullshit as long as the 70 year old sexless freaks who watch her believe that they might get to second base. 

Because nothing gets great-grandpa’s blood boiling quite like a slightly cross-eyed bullshit artist who is as scared of brown people as he is.

I’ve hated Pirro for 20 years.  While she was Westchester County DA, she was grandstanding on the TV about seeking the death penalty for a guy who shot and killed a police officer who I had grown up with (a great guy and a great cop) while there was a siege underway. 

An army of cops from all over the county and NYC were besieging the house, and there’s Pirro grandstanding and talking “tough” while there’s still a gunman holed up.  How the hell could anyone negotiate while she’s up there running off her mouth?  Fortunately, the gunman killed himself, after killing his grandmother, the family dog, and my friend.

Pirro’s horrible.

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