Fox News: Suspend again?

John McCain is so gosh-darn patriotic and mavericky that he’ll do anything to save our economy. Why, he’d even dress up in a tutu and perform Swan Lake on the White House lawn if that would help. Steve Douchee and one of the Fox Barbies ask him if he’ll consider selflessly suspending his campaign again to show leadership:

McCain is so darn bipartisan that he only mentions tax-and-spend, economy-destroying liberal Obama on Fox News—right after calling for bipartisanship on the MSNBC (Marxist Socialist National Broadcasting Corporation). He’s got yer “Country First” swingin’, my friends.

[Via TPM; cross-posted at Betty Cracker]

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Did it sound to you like they were just baiting him?  Trying to get that big old scoop - “McCain announces new campaign suspension on Faux News!!!”  Their expressions were too eager for words.  Journalism at its best.

It did sound that way. I hope he takes them up on it. It worked so well for him last time.

Hey, gang! we have Cliff Schecter on the show tonight -

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