Frank Luntz’ Whiz-Bang Devil-Box Proves Liberals Are Righteously Chillaxed

Appearing on the O’Reilly show, Frank Luntz was obviously convinced that his high-tech focus group review of the “Down Syndrome” episode of Family Guy offered proof-positive that Liberals are soulless destructobots. But what he actually demonstrated was that cartoon characters (and cartoon politicians) induce wild mood swings in Conservatives, while Liberals are kicked-back, in the zone and imperturbably hugging the centerline of Life’s Crazy Highway.

Watch the two response-tracks closely. The Red Line (Republicans) represents Jackie Gleason in The Honeymooners. The Green Line (Democrats) represents Tommy Chong in court for selling bongs on the Internet. See the difference?

[PS: It’s pretty apparent that focus group responses to the “former Governor of Alaska” gag don’t quite fit Luntz’ paradigm, or he wouldn’t have bailed out of the clip before the reactions registered onscreen. Naughty Ph.D.!] 

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That is an absolute riot!  They really cut out before the actual quote! Typically misleading O’Reilly, with Frank “I can’t share my confidential methodology” Luntz.

He was called “a moron” by another Republican pollster back in 2008, so perhaps he’s just oversensitive.

Polly, if I were him, I wouldn’t disclose it, either. If it involves small groups, voluntary actuation of analog dials and one-dimensional reactions to multi-dimensional stimuli, it is scientifically one step below a Mood Ring in terms of its ability to signify anything other than confusion, impatience and the need to take a whiz.

Calling this a “methodology” would get Luntz thrown out of a meeting of chiropractors.

He’s using a marvelously circular frame, too:

1. Democrats are supposedly more “compassionate.”
2. The 11 focus-group Democrats did not think the line was mean.
3. ergo, Democrats are not “compassionate.”

Of course, Luntz didn’t mention the proprietary invisible second-and-a-half step that is at the center of his methodology:


I love it that in the part with Palin she’s carrying Trig under her arm like a loaf of bread just like Andrea Fay Friedman said!

It’s common knowledge that Republicans have no sense of humor.

Case in point:  Dennis Miller

That was fun.  Now do the same thing, only with slideshows of Abu Ghraib detainee abuse.

I want to see it with Limbaugh, Malkin, and company making light of the woman who wears her dead sisters dentures.

Does anyone know if Palin ever responded to Andrea Fay Friedman’s comments?  And why wasn’t that in the Luntz experiment? Rhetorical question.

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