Frankenstorm: Big and Wet and On Its Way

I have no snark at all regarding the monster-storm that has the Mid-Atlantic (holler!)  and New England states in a state of downward hunkering right now. I spent a few hours this afternoon making sure my outdoor container plants and lawn furniture weren’t transformed into projectiles by the high winds expected, and that my fridge was properly full of bottled water and beer. At this point, if you know you’re in the path of it, hopefully you’ve stocked up on canned goods, batteries, and the like.  My spouse very thoughtfully pointed out the location of every flashlight in the house to me and we got out the old fashioned non-cordless phone as well as charging all our cells.  Luckily, our house is all above ground level and we’re in Philadelphia (our power doesn’t usually stay off long—I’ve lived in the ‘burbs, and there’s a real difference.)

I could get into whether this storm is a sign of global warming (well, yeah) or what we can expect (apparently, something weird and unprecedented), or even relate the impending awfulness to the election (by reminding you all once again that a certain candidate thought states should take responsibility in disasters—give your own particular local governments a good long look, friends, and shudder along with me, hm?), but instead I think this should be more of a “check-in” thread.

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Stay safe, all.

And watch out for the RomneyBus, possibly airborne.

Mr. Aimai and I just kind of weirded out. We are in MA and usually he’s the “mr prepared” guy and I’m all calm. This time we both ended up doing out emergency shopping without preplanning or any real thought. We have stocked up on supplies that we can cook on our gas stove if the electricity goes out…uh…we seem to have about 4 dozen eggs, 10 pounds of potatoes, two bags of onions, and quite a large amount of chicken broth. I’m really not sure what we were thinking. I mean: sure, I can make a potato soup, mashed potatoes, and maybe potato gnocchi but what the fucking what was I thinking? Also I’m the only one who got water.

However while I was dicking around watching leverage on my computer tonight the winds have been downgraded from 70 miles per hour to a mere thirty so maybe it won’t be that bad? Hard to say.

Good luck aimai and enjoy all the potato soup!  Hope all the east coaster Roasters are stocked up and staying dry and safe.  This is really a scary event.  Fortunately global warming is just a lie-beral conspiracy.  Dang.

Bette here, in Beautiful Bucks County, PA, where the trees are 200 yrs old, BIG and brittle and the electrical infrastructure is all above-ground, almost as old, and goes out regularly in stiff breezes.

And did I mention the nearby scenic Delaware River that comes visiting frequently?

Ah, well . . . I’ve lived through carp swimming in my basement before and it’s always kind of exciting to notch a new “high water mark” on the “History Rock.”

I trust that the crank radio and a case of Yuengling Light will see us through (must stay hydrated in situations like this.

Cheers! Roasters . . . apres moi le deluge

Box wine stocked in Maryland. I’m just outside Baltimore and will probably lose power eventually.  Length of outage depends on which transformer blows.  If it is the one that only has my house and 3 others on it then I’m out of luck for some time.

Chez Polly in Lower Manhattan is offering hard cider for relaxation and espresso with condensed milk for enhanced reaction time, especially to particularly zesty wind gusts. We are in evacuation zone C, which translates to Nothing Short Of Apocalypse, but A-Zoners across the street from us (Water Street, which was not so named for nothing) are mostly staying.

If the tidal surge exceeds 9.5 feet, Con Ed is shutting the power to our high-rise,  but we are very well supplied. I worry for our Roasters among the trees, including my 90 y.o. Mama-San, who is at least staying with her neighbor (and his generator).

Good drunk luck, everybody!

I understand there’s a storm headin’ to the Northeast seaboard, but really, are there that many hatches these days?

With all the battening you’d think most of my friends, family and acquaintances who were not smart enough to move to earthquake/wildfire central were all living on 19th century Royal Navy warships.

“Killick! Killick, there! If that coffee isn’t on the table in five seconds you’re name won’t be Preserved Killick for long!”

Here in Denver we have big winds and threatening clouds, but only so we can sympathize with you easter-Roaster’s - even that scary NASA photo doesn’t show the clouds being that far west. 

We’re flying to MI on Wednesday to trade off eldercare duties; no doubt getting there will be interesting given the expected chaos in the airline industry by then.  Given that any wind storm takes out the power at FIL’s place for days, I expect we’ll be doing the generator shuffle the entire time we are there.  That should add to the stress level nicely.

And considering the Bounty foundered off the North Carolina coast with two sailors still missing, maybe being snarky about 19th century sailing ships and hatches is a dick move.

Really, really bummed about the HMS Bounty going down but what were they thinking heading right into the storm?

I’m working for the foreseeable future, but I’d rather be here than mucking about on the roads.  I’ll be having flashbacks to Irene pretty soon. 

I’ve brought plenty of clothes, and have plenty of food and water… I envy all you boozehounds.  I’m praying that the power stays on, but I have a trashy novel and some candles if I need to read by candlelight.

Comment by Big Bad Bald Bastard on 10/29/12 at 03:37 PM

Glad to see news of you, Mrs P - just sent you a ‘weather concern’ email! Where’ve you been evacuated to - hopefully a bijou hotel in Poughkeepsie or suchlike? If not, may the booze be strong and soporific - and may you emerge from alcohol suspension to a sunnier, calmer world.

Good luck and stay safe, everyone!

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