Free Mohammed Jawad

Via Digby, this Bob Hebert editorial needs much greater exposure.  If you have a soul, consider your morning ruined (you’re welcome!). If you want more information about this abysmal travesty of justice, you can check out this Washington Independent article from a week ago.

This might be at the point where holding their feet to the fire isn’t good enough.  We may have to burn them off up to the ankles.

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This case is closely connected with that of Binyam Mohammed, previously written about here. Binyam Mohammed was the Ethiopian-born British resident who suffered extraordinary rendition through a series of nightmarish “ghost prisons” where he too was tortured, including the notorious “dark prison” at Bagram, under U.S. custody.

His was another of the cases that forced Mohammed Jawad’s procecutor to resign in disgust. He was finally sent back to Britain and released, having nearly died of a hunger strike and forced feedings at Guantanamo that certainly qualify as torturous in and of themselves.

I sometimes wonder what special secret newly-elected Presidents have whispered to them that causes all of them to say, “ah yes, now I see why I must bow my head and let the travesties of the previous presidents continue.”

Aside from “if you don’t do this, we will work against you for the next four years of your single term.”

OK, since everyone on the interwebs has been telling me I must read Herbert today, I finally surrendered to peer pressure and read him.

Yep, everyone was right.  Thanks for twisting my arm.

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