Free To Be . . .


Equality feels AWESOME!

Oh . . . and if that idea really pisses you off?


Posted by Bette Noir on 06/27/13 at 06:47 AM • Permalink

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It’s a good day. ;-)

I couldn’t be happier for all our LGBT brethren and sistren!  Next step: total marriage equality for all.  I wanna see that troll Scalia rage-stroke right there on the bench.

SEcond the motion to see Fat Tony stroke out!

It’s a good day but it’s far from over. There is still no Federal stance on same-sex marriage other than the Feds must recognize same-sex marriages performed in states that allow it, but that leaves an awful lot of other states still working to ban same-sex marriage all together.

Even in California the fight is far from over because the legal eagles are no discussing just what the fallout will be between the District court ruling that overturned prop 8 and Judge Vaughn Walker’s 9th circuit court opinion that upheld the decision.

It’s still not clear if the ruling only applies to the two couples who filed the initial lawsuit or to those who were married in the interim not to mention those who wish to get married in the future.

We did get a good bit of news on Tuesday, however, as State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (Santa Barbara)introduced SB 400, a measure that would ensure the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking could not be fired from their jobs due to the abusers actions. The bill has only passed committee and now heads to the state senate and then the assembly for consideration where it should pass easily.

Speaking from Colorado, I am thrilled about this decision. I only wish the trogs who got the citizens in this state to pass an amendment banning gay marriage in 2006 will be up there stroking out with Fat Tony soon, and that we get this abomination off our state constitution ASAP. 

Oh sure, we got civil unions through the legislature this year and the gov signed it so that’s law of the state now, but I can feel the dark forces in Colorado Springs mustering for an attack on marriage equality now that the SC whacked their particular hornets nest.  The recent gun restrictions wasn’t too shabby in whacking that same nest either, so they’re pretty stirred up.  Hell, not only can I feel them mustering for a fight, I heard them on the radio this morning promising exactly that.  Something tells me we are in in for Round II in the next electoral season.  Enjoy this victory folks, then get ready to roll up your sleeves; we’ve got work to do.

Off-topic but I’ve gotta link this open Letter to Paula Deen written by Michael Twitty and chef, food writer and culinary historian.

I like to fancy myself as a guy who knows a little history and then I read something like this and the depth of my ignorance comes shining through. It’s a wonderfully written piece of work that anyone with an interest in food, culture, community and humanity will enjoy like a fresh bowl of collard greens and hamhocks.

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 06/27/13 at 05:34 PM

Hooray!  Awesome graphics too!

It seems to me that, along with getting a ballot issue going ASAP to repeal the amendment, a same sex couple or two or three should apply for a marriage license then sue when it’s denied.  The ultimate result should be to declare the amendment unconstitutional under the equal protection clause the way the Prop H8 case was decided. I’m hoping other people are thinking this way too.

It’s great to see the bigots on the run.  Give it another ten years, and the GOP will lie about always supporting gay rights.

Enjoy this victory folks, then get ready to roll up your sleeves; we’ve got work to do.

@SoS: so verrrrry TRUE!  Fortunately no group understands incremental victories quite like the LGBT community.  The price tag for this will surely be an uptick in violence—that’s how the hornets roll.

But if all of us roll up our sleeves, stand our ground and raise our voices to demand an American life based on true American values . . . we shall overcome on every threat to freedom and equality.

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