Friday Morning Music: Gus & Fin’s cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission”

They’re back! Fin is on the ukulele, but Gus has moved on from the cigar box uke to the cigar box guitar.  Enjoy.


Posted by Kevin K. on 10/02/09 at 05:52 AM • Permalink

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Thanks, Kevin. Love Gus and Finn. The new camera angle and stage prop work, I think, though the song seems just slightly..repetitive?

Apologies if you posted this, but have you seen Gus playing all the tracks, bongos, keyboards, three-string (I think) electric guitar, etc. for the Get Carter theme?

He should do some videos exclusively devoted to his orphanage of rehabilitated thrift-shop lo-fi instruments.

The boys have also mysteriously posted parts 7 & 8 of their Gugug ukulele method, but there are evidently no parts 1 through 6. But any scraps from the table are good.

Freaking awesome!  I was in a Joy Division cover band once and it was so much dang fun!  I never thought about pulling it off with ukuleles.  That would have blown minds!  You guys are great and this arrangement is so perfect.  Your voices work great together and I love the cigar box guitar part!  Excelsior!  If you don’t mind, I’m going to link to this from my blog.

I almost forgot!  Check out this steel drum band doing a rad version of Transmission.

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