Funny on so many different levels

From Secret Agent Flowbee’s Fortress of Fucknuttery (no linky for the stinky):

SusanUnPC’s foreword: I asked you to send in rants. I am publishing them now. If you don’t see your rant published, please yank my chain at susanunpc at gmail dot com (it probably got overlooked in my 968+ entries in my Inbox). I want to publish all of your rants.

Yeah, because lord knows there’s been a shortage of rants at No Quarter lately. Seriously, when was the last time they didn’t publish something you could classify as a rant? It’s just been one, long horrible Ralph Steadman illustration over there for months now.

OH WHAT THE HELL: I was just looking through some old posts that never got published and figured this line was too good (and, admittedly, tasteless) to keep hidden away…

If Secret Agent Flowbee is considered to be one of the best and brightest counterterrorism experts in the country, it’s pretty fucking amazing Al Qaeda wasn’t able to crash the USS Cole into the World Trade Center.

Thanks, you’ve been a great audience.

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Flowbee’s greatest hit as a counter-terrorism “expert” has to be his July 2001 NYT op/ed piece claiming that terrorism against America isn’t something we need to worry about.  Given what happened two months later, well..  That’s the kind of statement which should kill a career.

Though it seems that the more credibility Johnson should lose, the more he realistically earns in mainstream press; if one is to judge from the fact that Flowbee’s mystery Michelle Obama tape that he has no proof of even existing has been used by the media to question Obama himself.

Erk, I fucked that link up.

No prob, tas.  It’s fixed.

Yeah, that was a shining Flowbee moment. I take great comfort in the fact that I always thought the guy was kind of a skeeve even during the whole Plame brouhaha.

I’ll give Larry the Lips Credit where credit is due, at the time of writing that article he hadn’t uncovered the potential horror and destruction an 60 something (elitist) English lecturer from a reputable Chicago university could reap on the US of A if employed as secretary of state as we all know he’s going to be.

So that paragraph should now be updated to read

Reputation restored!

I had to laugh when I saw the post your ‘rants’ from SusanHu.

Damn funny shit there.

They’ve moderated me over there so I can’t post anymore, which takes a LOT of the drive out of wading into the cesspool.
Its been fun to watch Flowbee self destruct on yet another story and become the laughing stock of internets on the right and left.


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