Fuzzy Chicks (Open Thread)

I dropped the kiddo off at school this morning, like I do most weekdays when it’s not summer. I was driving away, reeling from the teenage-pheromones contact buzz and listening to NPR’s breathless coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, and it occurred to me for the millionth time that we—all of us—are generally able to ignore the specter of death due to a lifelong practice of internal terror management, using whatever ways work best for us.

None get out alive, and the unlucky are separated forever from those they love in an instant by extraordinarily violent means. Sometimes it makes screaming headlines; more often it goes unnoticed by all except those directly affected. But the pain and despair are the same.

I saw this crane family in a median strip on the highway, two fuzzy hatchlings and their parents:


Of course, it all looks fuzzy because I suck as a photographer and was using a camera phone while stopped on the highway and watching for oncoming traffic in my rearview mirror. But trust me—the babies are adorable fuzz balls on stalky legs following sleek, elegant, purposeful parents who stand more than three feet tall:


Did seeing this lovely crane family turn my morbid thoughts to life and spring and hope? Well hell no, actually: For one thing, the damn cranes were on the median strip of a highway with a 45 MPH speed limit, so I worried that they’d be flattened by a school bus or dump truck.

But the cranes were focused on the moment, attentive to the task of finding the next juicy bug, with the adults helping the chicks learn to ruin flowerbeds and putting greens while navigating swampy landscapes with all the attendant hazards. Their kind—and ours—will continue about the business of daily life until the earth chokes to death on emissions, is rendered barren by an asteroid or is incinerated by the sun, whichever comes first. There’s some comfort in that, I suppose.

Please consider this an open thread.

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 04/16/13 at 02:10 PM • Permalink

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Thank you Betty.

I’ve been watching birds trying to stay warm after out latest heavy spring snow this year; time to go toss out some seed because the hawthorn berries are all gone now and it is going to be cold for another 2 days yet.

I enjoy seeing the Florida wildlife, Betty.

I was driving through a neighborhood which is next to a big golf course here in SW Ohio the other day, going pretty slowly because there are lots of twists. All of a sudden a doe walked out of the brush and stood right next to the road. She looked at me and I looked at her. Both of us were gawking, I guess.

I will never understand how anyone could shoot one of them.

Cranes are very cool, also very noisy. Ya gotta love those long-legged chicks.

The baby birds are cute too.

Hey, that’s about perfect, even the out of focus part. Thanks.

Very nice post, Betty. And much appreciated, too.

Betty, darling, while I love that you would risk life and limb to bring us photos of cute chicks for a consoling post in these bewildering times, please don’t get run over by a cement mixer, we would find it counter-productive to your intentions.  ;-)

It aint got nothing to do with Cranes or Betty’s fetish with long legs, but New Zealand has beaten us again.

What better to celebrate love than a love song?

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 04/17/13 at 11:26 AM
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