Gaffe Vs. Daft

David Weigel on the upcoming VP debate:

Honestly, if that Palin shows up, conversant and unfazed, it’d be better for the ticket than her trying to launch attack lines. If Al Gore’s disasters in 2000 taught us anything, it’s that televised debates are not the times to try on new personalities.

The GOP has already set up a difficult, potentially no-win scenario for themselves here. Sure, if Palin is more on-point than she has been in her national TV interviews, she’ll benefit. But the GOP has spent far too much time building up Joe Biden as a “gaffe-o-matic” (which he sort of is) and a bumbler whom Obama should regret choosing as his VP. Palin herself mocked the choice and said Obama should have chosen Hillary Clinton. Instead of being built up as the debating savant that he is (did he lose any of the primary debates?) he’s that sad sack who’s going to get mauled by the Sarahcuda.

Wise words and I hope the GOP doesn’t take Dave’s advice, because I think he’s right.  My guess is that Steve Schmidt and Rick Davis are still going to try to stuff her full o’ previously unknown facts and drill sergeant the fuck out of her to “stay on message,” resulting in a somewhat similar word jumble performance to the ones we saw with Gibson and Couric, as described beautifully here by Political Animal commenter:

She was truly awful. It was like they filled her Mixmaster with talking points and turned it on high without ever putting on the lid.

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Will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony?

That’s the first sentence. It gets worse from there.

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TPM says more CBS/Palin video will come out Wed. & Thurs.

Would it be wrong to say Sarah tosses a mean word salad?

Yes, I thought as much.

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