Genco Olive Oil in the shitter due to Fredo

Imagine what would have become of the Corleone Family if oldest surviving brother Fredo had succeeded Vito instead of the younger, smarter Michael. You don’t have to imagine it, America: You lived it when George W. Bush followed his old man into the presidency instead of the younger, smarter Jeb, whom the Bush Family rightly credited for having more brains than his elder brother (not that that’s a particularly lofty accomplishment).

The NYT ran a piece yesterday on Jeb Bush’s anguished attempts to haul the family brand out of the toilet and polish up the old turd. It really pisses Jeb off when Obama points to the smoking rubble GWB left in his wake:

“It’s kind of like a kid coming to school saying, ‘The dog ate my homework,’ ” Mr. Bush, this state’s former governor, said over lunch last week at the Biltmore Hotel. “It’s childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility.”

The Rove is strong in that one: What better way to avoid acknowledging your brother’s responsibility for his numerous, world-historical catastrophes than prissily criticizing his successor for his unwillingness to take responsibility for the disasters your brother authored?

Inevitably, the article turned to speculation that the Bush clan might have another scion to barf up for presidential consideration.

Matt Bai phrases it delicately:

Washington wisdom — such as it is — holds that the real impediment to Mr. Bush’s political future would be the Bush brand, which has taken a pounding both inside the party and out. Neither George W. Bush nor his father ranks among the more successful presidents of our time, to put it politely.

Jeb Bush’s admirers insist, however, that whatever cloud existed over the name is lifting, as memories of the last Bush era recede, replaced by a hardened conservative opposition to Mr. Obama’s policies. And those who know Mr. Bush say he has never concerned himself with it. “He’s the guy who cares about that the least,” said Nicholas Ayers, executive director of the Republican Governors Association.

I’ve never heard of Nicholas Ayers, but he’s either a bald-faced liar or so astonishingly innocent about the workings of human nature that he shouldn’t be allowed to leave home unaccompanied by a SWAT team. Jeb Bush doesn’t care about the family honor and place in history, which are currently in the shitter thanks to Fredo Bush? Bull. Shit.


The reporter, to his credit, presses Mic—uh, Jeb, on just one of the many disasters that happened on his brother’s watch. At which point Jeb grew circumspect:

When I asked him whether Mr. Obama had a legitimate point — whether his brother’s administration did, in fact, bear responsibility for the country’s economic collapse — Mr. Bush paused and, for the only time in our interview, appeared to carefully assemble his words.

“Look, I think there was a whole series of decisions made over a long period of time, the cumulative effect of which created the financial meltdown that has created the hardship that we’re facing,” he said slowly. “Congress, the administration, everyone can accept some responsibility.”

“The issue to me is what we do now,” Jeb Bush said. “Who cares who’s to blame?”

Oh, I think a lot of people care, Jeb. Which is why you will never be president. And you know it was Fredo; he broke your heart.

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Run in 2012, Jeb! Real ‘Murica wants you! So does George Will and every other Beltway Douchebag!
Douchebags for Jeb!

His mewlings about not worrying about blame and moving on would be more convincing if anybody in the GOP has shown the slightest concern for, you know, changing the way they do business.

Freepers don’t want him, and their threads are filled with “No more Bushes” comments. Jeb reached and passed his Moment of Maximum Presidential Electability while he was still Governor, and it’s been all downhill since then. Dubya’s legacy taints him with the Tea Party crowd, and he’s likely just as radioactive to the Country Club GOP. Plus, he’ always been a low-key, not particularly galvanizing figure.

On the other hand, if he wants to shoot for the primary, more power to him. There can never be too many high-profile Republicans pointing out each other’s flaws.

What about one of Jeb’s spawn? Remember when HW refered to them as the “brown ones” or somesuch? There’s a whole new generation of Bushes to screw things up.

I recall shortly after 43 won reelection seeing the occasional Jeb! bumper sticker around town. This was especially chilling, as I live in California.

All Bush, all the time.

Two of the Jeb-spawn have had run-ins with the law—one serious enough to make it to court and do a stint in rehab; the other was hushed-up. The third, Jebby Jr., has kept his nose clean so far as I know, but I don’t think he’s yet 30 years old.

I remember rightwingers blaming Clinton for every single one of chickengeorge’s fuckups for 8 years. so they should shut the fuck up about Obama telling the truth.
And I still laugh when I think about the interview Bush sr did on CNN and started crying about Jeb’s career being destroyed by his fuckup brother.

Neil Bush in 2012!

All the Bushes are toxic, and none of them have ever been presidential material. Despite 2 getting elected, they have collectively fucked up this country with their milquetoast “beautiful minds” to a point where not even a democrat with the gravitas and influence of FDR could fix the disasters they have left behind.

Any speculation on the political ambitions of this genealogical scourge should make us all vomit.

Wanna turn over a rock?
Google “Jeb Bush” and “Dixie Mafia.” A whole lotta stuff you never see on the news…

The problem with Jeb is the same as with George and Duhbua - it isn’t stand along brilient and he is ubilically nurtured bye RepoCons and Bushies.

He is a clone just like they all are.

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