General Zod VS The Man With No Pants

You craved it. You begged for it. Parts of your brain stayed awake at night to call the Warner Brothers 1-800-FILMS-WE-NEED hotline.

Now, at last, it’s here: a Kryptonian strongman with no pants battles a Kryptnian villain with practically no history in the comic book world. PS: Russell Crowe appears as the first ever Jor-el with the dramatic star magnitude to bore us more intensely than Marlon Brando. This, truly, is the Superman epic we’ve all been waiting for. So, naturally, it’s no surprise that Superman’s not only from Krypton, he’s a Brit. Way to go, U.K.!

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Whoa, the old Superman (comics, movies) didn’t obviously fly in Outer Space even though obviously he did come from another planet.  Haven’t seen this film though your review sounds like it is trying to compete with the darker Batman films, which were obviously very popular.

He must be from Krypton’s British zone.

Darker and Edgier Superman.
Feh. I’ll save my popcorn & ticket money for Pacific Rim

There’s a close-up of his (darkened) red boots, and they also have the much ballyhooed Powersuperspandexmesh pattern. This is just wrong. It’s all very reptilian.

And Old Navy. They do that battered urban Americanism color scheme at least as well as PantslessMan.

Dictation from Strange: ” There is a hugely popular cosmetic line these days that goes by the name ‘Urban Decay.’ Generally speaking, it seeks to emulate the color palette of purple bruises, yellow infections and rusty, brown-and-grey civil plagues that infest city streets where taxes are too low and infrastructure repairs are priced out of reach.

“Superman’s new costume is yet one more example of urban decay. It makes him look like the Great Depression wrapped itself in a bucket of Kryptonian fishing gear, then went stumbling through the Bowery in search of a nightcap at 5 A.M.”

I’ll probably see it this week. The “urban decay” motif sounds like an accurate representation of the current state of truth, justice and the American way.

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