George Will Declares Rape Culture A Figment of Progressive Imagination


Check it! all you loose coed sluts dreaming of attaining the “coveted status” of rape victim and all of its “attendant privileges,” all of you scantily clad temptresses just begging for “micro-aggressions” to spin into harrassment cases and you inebriated “hook-up culture” campus tarts—Old Grampa Georgie Will has your number, you little hussies.

That is not to say that he blames you entirely for your depraved ways.  Gramps knows that President Obama and the 21st century curse of progressivism are largely to blame for despoiling your happy childhoods and consigning you to “today’s prolonged adolescence of especially privileged young adults.”

And it’s not just Obama, it’s your own colleges, as well:

It is salutary that academia, with its adversarial stance toward limited government and cultural common sense, is making itself ludicrous. Academia is learning that its attempts to create victim-free campuses — by making everyone hypersensitive, even delusional, about victimizations — brings increasing supervision by the regulatory state that progressivism celebrates.

What government is inflicting on colleges and universities, and what they are inflicting on themselves, diminishes their autonomy, resources, prestige and comity. Which serves them right. They have asked for this by asking for progressivism.

Things were verrrrry different, back in the day, before subversive progressives made every one “hypersensitive, even delusional, about victimizations.”  Back then, rape was rape, by gum—leaving stab wounds, bruises and ligature marks. 

You want to scream rape every time someone grabs your precious boobies and gives ‘em an appreciative squeeze?  That’s progressive.  You won’t find Grandpa Will making a big to-do if someone grabs his junk—who could fight that urge?

Grampa Will understands “girls just want to have fun” but these days they want extra attention for it.  And the reason the number of rapes on campus appears to be booming is because victims of rape get so much loving attention.

What coed wouldn’t want to go before a faculty review board, for hours, describing every sickening moment of the worst event of her young life, after which she will never be the same, to a panel of her professors?  What fun!  Bet those old dons won’t forget her name, again.

And there’s also all of the official police attention—the rape kit that renacts the invasion and then is put on a shelf in a back room in case some do-gooder decides to actually send it to a crime lab because we all know “boys will be boys” and campus rapes aren’t really “rape,” they’re “date rape.”

But most “coveted status” of all is the attention rape victims get from their peers—the accusations of lying or being a slut, a tease, a ‘ho;  the shaming signs on the dorm walls, the hate posts on FaceBook, the threats of violence—to the victim.

Now I’m sort of understanding why any coed wouldn’t want to get herself a piece of that action.

As in most cases of conservative denial, George Will believes the rest of us are making way too much of this and that we’re far too gullible when it comes to CDC statistics and anecdotal evidence.  We’re including way too many types of sexual aggression and making it just way too complicated for college men to figure out what they can and cannot do to young women.

And why would the world conspire to make up this whole rape culture business?  Well, to make George Will, the Christian Right and conservatives uncomfortable, of course.  It’s all Liberals think about, actually—ways to stick it to smug, uptight paranoiacs and force them to make asses of themselves denying reality.

Like George Will did.

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George Will bears all the hallmarks of being a proto-bro. I suspect in his philosophy, a dashingly bow-tied young man goes to university, does the Greek system, creates a network, primarily with the sons of those in daddy’s social networks.

There should be enough students of the minor ethnicities around to prove that one was not racist, but so many that one would have to get his racist on.

Women belong in an adjunct college, associated with the university that the aforesaid dashingly-young bow-tied man attends. The adjunct college, more of a finishing school, shall have a deb ball every year and majors in home economics and child psychology.

The adjunct college provides the dating pool for the dashingly-tied young bow man as he lives the Playboy philosophy, debating the writings of Proust, the actions of Cardinal Richelieu against the Hapsburgs, while being served martinis by hired staff, and with a young woman staring amorously at his face whilst not understanding a word, including the word ‘word’.

The least slutty woman from the adjunct with the father in the best position to help our man tied-desperately young bow in his career shall become his wife. She will worship the ground he walks on while he works his schvanzstucke through the secretarial pool because they do the dirty things.

The fact that this is not in fact how the world works has given George Will a record case of constipation, a hate-on against women that rivals anything AVAM could conceive of, and palm callouses that could be used to refurbish a Light Cruiser, with or without the Aegis system.

In short, George Will needs to be beaten severely about the head and neck with a live koala, his bandages soaked in lemon juice and salt, and his bow-tie hooked up to the PTO of a lawn tractor. Then snubbed.

(Don’t worry about the koala. Everything I’ve read about them, they would be inadequate for a teddy bear but would make a lovely buzzsaw.)

@paleo you amaze me no end.  I’m old, I wear my trousers rolled, so you remind me of Ziggy Stardust.

Your command of adjunct colleges, Cardinal Richelieu, the titillating offerings of AVAM and the anthropomorphic failings of koalas make me wish that in some time warp or other, I could say, ah yes! it was just me and paleo . . . And We Danced.

Thank you, Bette, I genuinely appreciate that, you’d be surprised how much. Now if only I could write something linear, or coherent, or at all, at my own joint, gahhh!

Despite the many folks who insist that I’m a dead ringer for Bowie, this is not true. Much. If he ate something, maybe.

As I am vaguely round and very german, I do not dance. However, I will, enthusiastically if not gracefully, polka ‘til the keg runs dry, so work some Yankovic into your reception!

Leave it to George Will to think being a victim of sexual assault is the hip, trendy thing to do these days. Why, it was only 5000 years or so ago that the Sumerians wrote of Inanna who was assaulted in her sleep, who searched the world over three times to find that bastard and decreed his death over what he did without her consent. Or oh, wait, maybe there is a long history of thinking nonconsentual intercourse is a violation and a brutal one. It’s possible that the basic concept of not blaming and doubting victims is just missing him.

@Vixen I suspect that Will has a deep yearning to snuggle, eternally, with June Cleaver and never having to take his tie off.

@paleo linearity and coherence are vastly over-rated by the straight and yammering plebs . . .

Round, or flat as a pfannkuchen, I promise to blow you a “white and nerdy” Lesbo kiss as I drive away from the reception in an ‘85 Merc with a “Just Allowed” sign on the back.

On top of everything else, Will is lying a little bit in his column. Quoth the bowtie:

Education Department lawyers disregard pesky arithmetic and elementary due process. Threatening to withdraw federal funding, the department mandates adoption of a minimal “preponderance of the evidence” standard when adjudicating sexual assault charges between males and the female “survivors” — note the language of prejudgment.

Included is a link to this article, with a link to download the letter than the Department of Education sent out. Now, that chunk of text implies that this letter contains prejudicial terminology, correct?

I downloaded and paged through the letter, and I couldn’t find a single use of the term “survivor” anywhere. Makes sense, as its a legal document - it uses the bloodless, technical terms used in all such letters. The target of the act is referred to as the “complainant” (for sexual harassment) or “victim” (for sexual assault), never “survivor.” It gets better - the letter also uses gender neutral language throughout. Will’s suggestion that the letter presumes men to be rapists is another deception.

Paleo, that was a beautiful comment. <3

<3 to all you others, too, except George Will, who fuck him.

His wig is too tight.

Rape is always on the minds of Republicans. From when they first wake up in the morning to the time they close their eyes at night, Republicans are thinking about Rape.

Rape. Rape. Rape.

Rape-publicans love Rape.

Legitimate Rape. Forcible Rape. Real Rape. Honest Rape. Transvaginal Ultrasounds. Hold the aspirin between your knees. Lay back and enjoy it, honey. Rape is all part of God’s Plan.

Of course, the reason Republican men always have Rape on their minds is Republican men would never have sex if it wasn’t for rape.

This is why Republican men support blue Boner pills but are against contraceptives.

Geg, you forgot to add in “gay sex”, with a side order of “rape” + “gay sex” - PS: “gay sex” means guys only for this group ‘cause the little womenz don’t have any sticky-outy bits, so how can sex between two chicks ever actually happen, amirite?  Those chicks you see on the TeeBee are just waitin’ for the right guy to come along and show ‘em how it’s done.  Yuck.  Even faking wingnut “thought” makes me ill. 

And Georgie Will?  Yeah, fuck him, creepy old prick that he is.  Anyone who can use a national soapbox to write what he just wrote is an irredeemable asshole.

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