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Dave Weigel chronicles the crash ‘n’ burn of Agent Flowbee:

In 2001 Peter Lance, an Emmy-winning investigative journalist, was writing the screenplay for a movie called for Showtime, a project that retained [Larry] Johnson as a consultant. The September 11 attacks occurred in the midst of pre-production, and as part of his rewrite, Lance followed a tip that Abdul Hakim Murad, a plotter of the 1993 World Trade Center attack, had revealed some of the planning for the next attacks while under interrogation in the Philippines. Johnson told Lance not to follow the tip: “He went ballistic,” Lance remembers. When Lance’s tip turned out to be right, Johnson worked to discredit it and keep it out of the movie. “Larry, to me, is one of the great empty suits,” Lance says now. “He is emblematic of what goes wrong in the agency, emblematic of the attitude that let 9-11 happen.”

[Thanks to zerostress for the tip]

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DUDE! Have you read SadlyNo! They used the name Flowbee in a recent post on Larry Johnson.

Click here

Robbie, yeah, I saw that.  Flowbee has been fully activated.  There’s no turning back that SOB now.

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