Ghana: Yam-Worshipping Enemies of Christ and the Constitution

Really, I read it here.

1-1 as I type. God help us crush all non-American athletic teams, because we’re so fucking exceptional and shit.

UPDATE: 30 more minutes of this boring crap? The Devil does exist.

UPDATE 2: Aiiiiyyyeeee! It’s 2-1! Save us, Sarah!

UPDATE 3: Soccer: The Liberal Plot to Destroy America

UPDATE 4: Why are baseballs made of human skin and not animal skin?

UPDATE 5: Fewer Panels for All: Innovative 2010 World Cup ball design is product of collectivist, wealth-redistributing Adidas.


UPDATE 7: Could gene-doping be the key to US World Cup victory in 2014?

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I’ll see your yam and raise you this.

Anybody who has ever ingested sweet-potato pie cannot but admit the superiority of the yam god. Esp. if you remember to peel them, which, for my first sweet-potato pie, I did not.

Hahahahaha, I call FOOD PRON POST on Strange’s Thread!!!!

Recipe for Sweet potato stew

Really. A stew with yams and peanut butter in it. Almost makes me wish I cooked.

Oh yes, football? Since Ghana is the only African country left and the World Cup is in Africa, how many Teabaggers will descend on me (there’s an image I don’t want to take any further) if I say Go Ghana?

Hahahahaha, I call FOOD PRON POST on Strange’s Thread!!!!

Stalin would be proud, Comrade Polly.

Stalin would be proud, Comrade Polly.

Indeed. The favorite TV show of kids during Stalin’s regime was, in fact, Kulak, Fran, and Polly.

@ Oblomova: Puppetry is always popular when there’s just the one channel. 

@Strange: questioning decisions of the Polliburo? Perhaps you may have a point!

I still remember when America was somebody.

We should never have played their game by their rules.

And another thing; I could hardly hear through the bleating of the Wasoosillas!

I thought everyone understood that baseballs are made from human skin rather than cowhide because it is easier to lure humans into vans than cows.

Baseballs are stuffed with ground up soccer balls and vuvuzelas, unlike soccer balls, which are stuffed with yams and are gay.

Will this be on TV?

P.S. You know, soccer is how Nazism got started. Just saying.


Baseballs are no longer manufactured by PUMA, incidentally, since their source for the covering proved brittle and split too easily.

But these balls aren’t ready for the big leagues yet

Speak for yourself, mister! Har!


gurgle mppphhh ook

Feh. Our football is much more interesting and violent.

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