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Hey, I just realized I can use this blogging software for something besides trying to feel better about myself by mocking others. I can also use it to point people in the direction of a thing I enjoyed, in the hopes that they too will enjoy it and then do something enjoyable for someone else, like in that movie “Play it, Forward,” which I guess was about basketball.

Atlas Shrugged Part I desperately wants to be a genuine Hollywood movie, just as badly as Christian filmmakers want to replicate the look, feel, and production values of their godless would-be peers/cultural enemies. It proves just as unsuccessful, yet Atlas Shrugged: Part I gets close enough for its efforts to be poignant, comic, and a little pathetic.

Read it more for the comments than the article. And speaking of skipping articles, a sample:

Me late to thread, me know, but Heche completely wrong.  By every metric - GNP, unemployment, median wages - US economy better off day before Pearl Harbor than it was day before stock market crash.  New Deal not only got us out of Depression, it also set stage for incredible prosperity that follow WWII, and anyone who claim otherwise willfully ignoring facts to play politics.

By the way, I just found out that Gonzo lives here in Hoboken, I assume because of the Chicken Emergency. You’d think the brochure’d make a bigger deal out of that, I mean, fuck Sinatra.

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Bad link.

Does Gonzo play with Yo La Tengo?

Yes, link points back to post. Post-modernly?

Apropos your pic, a few years back I realized that the guitar teacher in the next studio had been playing Crazy Train for at least 5 years longer than Randy Rhodes could possibly have. His version was cleaner and faster too.

I would like never to hear that song again. Along with Sunshine of Your Love.

Yes, link points back to post. Post-modernly?

I’ve no idea whether that’s deliberate, so I’m not about to tamper with his post in his absence, but the article and comments section Gil’s talking about is here.

I’ve no idea whether that’s deliberate

I was trying to punish the moochers and parasites by withholding my linktivity.

Thanks for that, YAFB.

The comments threads over there often far surpass the original posts. Cookie Monster is one of my favorite gimmick commenters, and another guy posts as a boozy Jonathon Frakes on their reviews of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

My personal favorite gimmick poster is the guy/gal channeling Stan Lee ca. 1966. It’s so well done. Mostly pops up in reference to Marlvel stuff, but it’s a delight every time. Cookie Monster is a close second, and by far the best overall (IMHO), because everyting CM writes is brilliant. And of course ZODIAC MOTHERF*CKER for your basic Slayer/ownage needs.

My favorite AVC gimmick is the guy who pretends to be Jim Treacher. He shows up in threads with a political bent, tries to troll everybody with some weak-ass shit—usually just witless sarcasm—and then slinks away when nobody takes the bait. It’s eerie how well he captures Treacher’s voice.

It’s a shame they had to switch over to mandatory registration, it used to be a lot more freewheelingly hilarious. On the upside, women can actually hang out there now.

That’s really interesting.

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