Gingrich Circling Around NI-KLANG! Event Horizon Like a Turd Circling the Bowl


And judging by his screed on FauxSnooz on Tuesday it’s only a matter of time and venue.

Gingrich called Obama a “false president,” saying he has a propensity to shirk his duties.

“This is a man who in an age of false celebrity-hood is sort of the perfect president, because he’s a false president,” he said. “He’s a guy that doesn’t do the president’s job.”

Gingrich questioned whether Obama has the stamina and desire to be president.

“You have to wonder what he’s doing,” Gingrich continued. “I’m assuming that there’s some rhythm to Barack Obama that the rest of us don’t understand. Whether he needs large amounts of rest, whether he needs to go play basketball for a while or watch ESPN, I mean, I don’t quite know what his rhythm is, but this is a guy that is a brilliant performer as an orator, who may very well get reelected at the present date, and who, frankly, he happens to be a partial, part-time president.”


Lazy.  Check.
Shiftless.  Check.
Has rhythm. Check.  Twice!
Basketball. Check.
Uppity. Check.

You guys may see a few I missed.

So what’s the over and under on actually saying it out loud?  Before or after the election?

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It’s like the 1812 Overture played on dog whistles!

this is a guy that is a brilliant performer as an orator

Articulate.  You can’t forget articulate.  And “performer”. (Translation: pretty-talking minstrelsy. Gingrich can not only devour a kitbag of gitbags, but pull same from his nostrils and re-eat them.) 

I can’t take a line on public airing of an n-bomb. There’s probably already a secret videotape ready to go public. Gray area, right?

Oh, I’m sure someone will slip up sooner or later…..

I thought he golfed all day?

I was just thinking that what this election needed right now was an injection of Newt.

I think he’s pissed that Sununu’s been stealing his act.

This from the man who announced his candidacy just before going on a Greek island cruise?


Well, Newt is already on the record with his feelings on the subject.

Comment by MaryRC on 09/26/12 at 09:25 PM

Shorter Gingrich: “Have you gone berserk? Can’t you see that man is a ni…?”

Ah, Newt, the stupid person’s idea of a smart person. If you really want to puke, look up the topic of his doctoral thesis.

Hint: it praises Belgium’s conduct in the Congo.

I still like Imaginary Obama better than any of them.

He left out jive-talker.

Watermelon? Fried chicken? Malt liquor? newt is slipping.

B^4, I followed your advice and found this post describing Newt’s dissertation.  I understand now why Newt thought he was insulting Obama by calling him “anti-colonial”. Thanks for the tip.

Comment by dmd76 on 09/27/12 at 08:46 AM

Is he trying to get his Fox gig back? 

“Look, I can say anything you want.  “Shiftless”?  I’m this close to saying “shiftless”.  “Boy”? That can be arranged.  The n-word?  Let’s talk.”

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