Giuliani: Pedophile This Under “More Great Judgements in Character”

Alan Placa
Hey, at least he’s not Bernie Kerik…

From Inside Catholic:

Since 2002, Msgr. Alan Placa has worked for Rudy Giuliani as a consultant at Giuliani Partners. In 2003 a grand jury report of Suffolk County, NY, accused Placa of sexually abusing multiple victims.
A spokeswoman for Giuliani Partners told Salon Magazine that the former New York City mayor believes Placa was “unjustly accused.” The grand jury report contains accusations from three alleged victims, including two children (Placa is named as “Priest F” in the report.) According to testimony before the grand jury, “Everyone in the school knew to stay away from Priest F.”
Placa and Giuliani have known each other since they attended Loughlin High School in Brooklyn. They became close friends and occasionally double-dated. After high school, they attended Manhattan College and joined the same fraternity, Phi Rho Pi.
Placa was ordained a Catholic priest in 1970. He served in various parishes and a preparatory seminary on Long Island before working for Catholic Charities and the Diocese of Rockville Centre. At Giuliani’s first wedding, Placa was the best man. Placa helped him get his annulment in 1982 before he officiated at Giuliani’s wedding to Donna Hanover in 1984. Placa also officiated at funeral services for Giuliani’s mother and father and baptized both of his children.
Because Placa has a law degree from Hofstra University, he became a legal consultant to the diocese and was part of a three-person team reviewing charges of sexual abuse by priests. According to Newsday, Placa was the “chief architect” of the Rockville Diocese sexual abuse policy.
In addition to containing accusations against Placa, the Suffolk County grand jury claimed that the evidence “clearly demonstrates that diocesan officials agreed to engage in conduct that resulted in the prevention, hindrance, and delay in the discovery of criminal conduct by priests.”
The grand jury report includes excerpts from a letter in which Placa brags about his ability to settle multi-million dollar clergy abuse claims for “$20,000 to $100,000.”
During the 1980s, Placa was the legal advisor to the House of Affirmation in Worchester, MA, which offered counseling services to priests accused of sexual abuse. One person who worked at this facility called it a “pedophile boot camp.” An abuse victim referred to it as a “breeding ground for sexual predators.”
In June 2002, Giuliani called Placa “one of the finest people I know.”

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  • Brian Ross covered this story back in October.
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