Glenn Beck Internet TV network to propagandize children with new show


Glenn Beck’s glorified podcasting outfit will launch a kid’s show called “Liberty Treehouse” on Monday. What could possibly go wrong?

In the first show, Raj Nair, the host, in a behind-the-headlines segment, is going to talk about straw polls and debates — what they are, where they come from and why they are important,” said Joel Cheatwood, the former Fox News executive who now serves as president of programming at GBTV. “I don’t know any kids show that took that on.”

There’s a reason no other kids’ shows take that on, Mr. Cheatwood—it’s as boring as watching Glenn’s hair product oxidize on his scalp. But maybe some of the toothless geezers who ponied up a portion of their Socialism Security checks for a GBTV subscription will make a captive audience of their grandchildren.

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woo, as if visiting Grandma wasn’t bad enough, once she started watching Fox.

I’m curious to see the segment where they show the Liberty Elves watering the tree of the Liberty Treehouse with the blood of a tyrant.

“Boring”?  How about “incomprehensible”?  I’d love to know the age demo of their viewership.  As a former kidvid writer/creator, I would seriously question whether a child to whom “treehouse” is appealing is able to understand the difference between a poll and an election. 

Then again, it’s not as though Beck is dedicated to spreading understanding.  Au contraire, as we say in kids’ tv.

I’m envisioning a sudden rash of unfortunate kids jumping from moving cars rather than going to grandad’s for a “little visit.”

“C’mere ya little rascal, you need to watch this new show!”

Lordy, the bats are always busy in Glenn Beck’s belfry.

I imagine GBTV will be kind of like UHF, but for insane old people.

As a former kidvid writer/creator, I would seriously question whether a child to whom “treehouse” is appealing is able to understand the difference between a poll and an election. 

Any chance Glenn Beck understands the difference between a “poll” and a “straw poll”?

Since he left Fox, Beck’s radio show has become increasinlgy dark and targeted to gold-hoarding, end-times preppers who believe that Obama is intentionally destroying America at the bidding of Jew-hater George Soros.

I can’t imagine what this show is going to be like (the Cookie-Racist? the Norwegian Mass-Killer Chef?), but God will never forgive him for running Popeye and Superman cartoons, as if they somehow aligned with his demented, alcoholic fantasies of good and evil.

At the risk of repeating myself, there aren’t enough electric chairs for Glenn Beck.

Well, then again, I think the PUMAs probably make their kids and grandkids go through caucus re-enactments.

The Electric Company was good because it was a privately owned utility but Sesame Street was a little too urban, if you catch my drift.

“caucus re-enactments”.  LOL.

HI, kids!  Here’s why you should REALLY CARE about STRAW POLLS!!  Cuz they are REALLY NEAT! Can you say “Herbie Cain is the One I Luv?!”  Say it REEEL LOUD NOW!!  YAYYYYYY! [turns a cartwheel, loses balance and breaks neck.]  Kids:  YAAYYYYYY!!!

I hope Mr Rogers’ estate sues him for ripping off the “Land of Make Believe”.

I imagine there will be segments called, “Bert and Ernie Are Going to Hell, those Filthy Sodomites!” and “I’m Just a Bill, From a Koch Brothers Shill”.

Finally, some answers and, perhaps, closure for all the children who’ve been asking, “Grandpa, what did you do in the Straw Poll?”

It’s OK to weep, America. Just let it all out.

Adam Smith, Adam Smith, 6’20” and fucking killing for shits!  He’ll save the children (but not the moonbat children)!

With a name like Cheatwood, you’d think he’d avoid jobs that involve menacing children, for fear of actually turning into a Dickens character.

I think we should thank Beck and hope lots of kids are forced to watch this show. In a few years there will be a shit ton of new liberal voters hitting the polls.

Oh, why wasn’t there a show like this when I was a kid? I feel cheated.

Yeah! We had to make do with Schoolhouse Rock.

...then again, because of Schoolhouse Rock, I know more of the Constitution by heart than most Teabaggers will even know. Plus a lot more about legislative process. And the fact that women can vote.

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