Glenn Beck: Rewriting History with Crayons and Buckets of Drool

Glenn Beck is promoting this new something or other called “Insider Extreme” (IT’S THE FRESH!) that you have to pay a lot of money to access but it’s what the founders envisioned and, if you join now,  Glenn will send you a temporary tattoo of the don’t-tread-on-me snake and a signed Polaroid of his taint (BECAUSE HE’S JUST THAT FUCKING NUTS! HONK HONK!).

Here’s a trailer for his new documentary (definition: truth talkie) called Doomed to Repeat? that expresses concern that our Kenyan Muslim Dictator-in-the-Making may turn out to be just like ... wait for it, wait for it ... FDR [insert horror movie scream here], consistently ranked as one of the best presidents in U.S. history, instead of Herbert Hoover, who, just like his last name, completely sucked. We also learn that Obama picks on Dubya a lot and Jonah Goldberg tells us that government can’t be our Aunt Louise (no ribbon candy for you!). Then it ends with some guy explaining that government can’t be the solution to even our smallest problems while they show video of public transportation and a busy highway, both of which will eventually lead to “tyranny.” THE END.

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I guess George Santayana was just too much of a lefty for Beck to quote his 1905 original of the “doomed to repeat it” line.

And, um, are they bitching about his imperiousness and deficit-raising, then playing a clip in which he says he’ll do something by executive order if Congress won’t act—which I believe was his way of announcing a deficit reduction commission?

And this is precisely why I don’t feel ashamed to laugh at people who cite Glenn Beck for anything.

Sorry, my brain’s just exploded - I need a Glenn Beck forcefield, like the big plastic collars cats wear after they go to the vets. Also need BISCUIT - pics of - for mental stability, not to mention sheer happiness.

Media as we know it is about to change

There will be 5 cameras in Beck’s bathroom so you don’t miss one extreme minute!

But where do you send for the tattoos and taint shots?

Here’s the Wilhelm Scream.

Say “FDR,” then click the link.

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