It’s Morning Zoo in America: Glenn Beck Transforms a Nation from the Foot of Al Capone’s Vault

I don’t know about the poor attendees who paid money they don’t have to travel to DC and listen to Glenn’s manic-depressive radio shtick live, but I feel personally cheated when some guy talks me to sleep for three hours and I still crave cigarettes when I wake up. 

At least Geraldo had the decency to perform a Tap Dance of Shame when he finally opened the vault and discovered it was the place where Al Capone stored his fill dirt.

I’ll be posting links to other media reactions as I find them. Me, I’m calling it the Million-Man Fart-in-a-Bathtub.

BBC has a slidehow here, with Special Guest Appearance by popular flag-drag Transpatriotite Cap’n Crunch.

CBS says 87,000 attended. Not surprisingly, Palin claims it was more than 100,000, ABC says “hundreds of thousands,” NBC says “closer to 300,000” and Carl Sagan says “100 billion.”

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Caleb Howe’s missus must’ve left the vodka in the freezer again, either that or Google is deliberately hiding the Lincoln Memorial from him!

Don’t trust the Googles! The Googles are a leftist conspiracy!

Why are they using the internet anyway, given that it was developed with Evil Soshulist Gummint Money?

Hey, Google hid the very street I live on in TORONTO for 3 YEARS! I guess this means I should avoid ever going to the theatre again.

Oddly enough, if you just type in “lincoln memorial”, you get the Roosevelt Memorial. But if you pay attention to the dropdown list of hints that appear as you type and choose “Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC”, it gives you the right location.

on a related note, my friend amy gives her pitch for glenn beck:  “the best education $9.95 can buy!”

Nah - Sagan wudda said “a milllllyun billlllyun!” staring directly into your eyes as he hypnotized you with galaxies.

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